Uncharted 4 disappears, Nintendo copies Netflix, and other E3 2014 predictions

This year’s E3 is almost a month away. Here are some things GamesBeat expects will happen at the expo.

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deantak782d ago

Get Nathan Drake on the hunt.

joab777782d ago

Would anyone be surprised if they pushed Uncharted back for a Last of Us 2 release. Could that be what everything was about? One team is working on TLoU2 and the other was told to remake the first one, setting Uncharted backb to a later date.

JackOfAllBlades782d ago

Judging by the agree/disagree ratio of your comment. Yes, yes they would be surprised.

Sadie2100782d ago

Fallout 4! One can only dream....

ThanatosDMC782d ago

I hope so too. I hope Stalker will be on PS4.

Jonny5isalive781d ago

ohh yeah, fallout 4 is tha game Id like to see announced the most I think.

M3rkMast3r782d ago

I want some Last Guardian.

thorstein782d ago

I am trying to understand what the people who clicked disagree are thinking:

"I don't want you to have Last Guardian."

"More quality games by Team Ico aren't needed."

Just what are they thinking? Oh well, bubs for you for calling for what could be a great game.

Porcelain_Chicken782d ago

Maybe M3rkMast3r doesn't really want "some Last Guardian". And people are arguing the truth about his opinion? LOL

On topic: If Fallout 4 or Uncharted 4 get shown, I'll probably faint.

Raistlinhawke782d ago

Glad to see I'm not the only one optimistic about the chances for Fallout 4. Not sure about Uncharted 4 staying low, though. A trailer at least.

itBourne782d ago

There will be a UC4 teaser like the last trailer, not much more. Just my guess though.

thorstein782d ago

That is just speculative crap by the author of the article. We will see it at E3 and the project is on target. No reason to believe otherwise.

Oh, people have left one of the best studios? Really? No one ever leaves their job for something else? Yeah, right.

Puppy_Farts782d ago

Agreed on the "speculative" crap. I'm leaning towards believing the information just leaked in that DualShockers article at 760 degrees right now. This just slightly depressed me.

TheDarpaChief782d ago

Bethesda will be very interesting this year. Im hoping for some thrilling evil within gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.