Are players burnt out from MMO quests?

TPG: We have all heard the story a million times before. Every time a new MMORPG is released, everyone wonders what sort of endgame content awaits them. After all, an MMORPG’s “real fun” only begins once you have “hit max level”.

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Jdoki1260d ago

The MMO genre needs a shake up. It needs to do something more original than 'Get quest, go to point X, Kill Y, return'. It's not 'Quests' that are the problem, it's the generic and boring implementation of them.

I played the beta of Wildstar. Looks great, but is so generic that it doesn't matter how great the end game is, I'll never bother to get there. If this game had launched shortly after WoW came along, I'd have given it more credit - but as it stands, it feels like barely refined 10 year old game play. So dull and uninspiring.

Saryk1260d ago

Totally agree! This is the only reason I play Star Wars the Old Republic, because the quest are great, they are missions. But the rest of the MMOs, I have no interest.