Xbox Originals: A Step in the Right Direction?

On April 28th Microsoft unveiled its TV project originally announced at E3 2013, dubbed ‘Xbox Originals’ (not to be confused with games developed for the original Xbox). However, the announcement divided some fans, with concerns varying between wondering if the shows will be good enough, to accusing Microsoft of focusing too much on TV over games. Here are a few reasons why the Xbox Originals program could be a success for Microsoft and the Xbox brand.

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corvusmd1537d ago

Personally I think it's a good step, it sounds like they are starting off rather well with it. Not messing around, they have big names and ideas from the get go. As long as it doesn't interfere with putting out games as well I think it's a great idea....and so far it doesn't seem to be taking away from games at all.

christocolus1537d ago

“As long as it doesn't interfere with putting out games as well I think it's a great idea....and so far it doesn't seem to be taking away from games at all.”

I couldn't agree more.

Mr Pumblechook1537d ago

Microsoft have done well in releasing information about the TV programmes before E3 otherwise they would have been criticised for not talking about games. But at E3 I would like to see a trailer or something for the Halo series.

dcbronco1535d ago

Why would it interfere with putting out games? Microsoft set aside a billion dollars to start Originals. The same for games. They still have about 80 billion left. Considering expensive TV shows carry budgets of under 1 million a billion gives them a lot of money left to play with. Though I'm sure a good deal was spent establishing the studio, stealing major industry players and hiring people like Spielberg was expensive, I'm sure there is at least 900 million left. So they should be good for a few more years. Same with the gaming billion. They could develop and promote 20 AAA titles with a billion. And considering one of those will be a Halo title they will make the billion back and it will feed itself. As Live fees will continue to feed the Originals.

XiSasukeUchiha1537d ago

This is a risky decision that Xbox and MS are taking. In the end though, I hope the best from both companies and thier risky ideas.

Julion07151537d ago

As much as I love games I do need sometime to sitback and relax and watch some tv so this is the right step both systems are multimedia devices why not expand and try something new as long as games come first..

SG1_dapunisherX1537d ago

I just wanna sit back and watch master chief just being a badass

Septic1537d ago

Yup. I just watched all of Halo 4's cutscenes this morning (sad I know).

The game's are dying for a decent on-screen translation. Forward unto Dawn was good but something that touches upon the Precursors and Forerunners would be amazing.

SG1_dapunisherX1537d ago

after 343 finish making halo 5 a epic game. hopefully they do a new game because i love how 343 make great story

Summons751537d ago

Sure, why focus on games when you can focus on TV. It's not like millions of people already have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Cable, Directv, Roku that you can already watch through the Xbone via the video in or an app pre installed. Why are people going to want to pay even more money (unless this is included in Xbox Live) for another TV service when they buy a Video Game console for VIDEO GAMES?

Looks like they haven't changed their attitude at all.

aconnellan1537d ago

While it would definitely suck if you had to pay extra, they aren't shifting focus from games to TV. From the head of Xbox Entertainment Studios in the article: "Gaming is the heart and soul of the Xbox platform."

And if you didn't like that, then you won't like that they aren't the only ones:

Whether it's on Xbone or PS4 I'm definitely excited for original programming because, provided they don't lose focus - it all adds value.

But I'm assuming you knew all of that before you commented

Spikes14711536d ago

You do know Sony is doing the same thing. These consoles stop becoming "video game consoles" after such services appearing.

Summons751536d ago

But Sony is still focusing on games. ms is not. Complete difference.

LogicStomper1536d ago


Just wondering, where have Microsoft stated or shown that tv is their main focus? Show me the quote that entails your conclusion or the act that proves it.

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