Here Is What We Might See From EA During E3 2014 NO NFS

EA today announced that at E3 2014, the company will showcase its commitment to delivering great player experiences with an exciting new lineup of games and services. It all begins on June 9, 2014 at EA’s annual E3 briefing,

At that reveal we expect some really BIG announcements, Games such as Star Wars may get air time as there was the recent announcement of the cast of Episode 7.

This of course would probably tie in with the release of that film, However Star Wars Battlefront was rumoured to be a Next Gen Console release title so we may get a surprise there.

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MultiConsoleGamer1262d ago

I think it's funny that were not seeing a new NFS game this year. I think EA is trying to live down the shame of the failed movie. Honestly I loved Rivals, didn't see that movie though.

GT671262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

not only the movie was craptastic so was RIVALS
I honestly hope next iteration is Underground 3 with return of drifting,drag racing. without burnout engine. without drifting around every freakin corner,no autolog,alldrive crap. simple basic starting line to finishline. with customization,cops, nitro, instant replay. "watch our awesome cop crashes"

EA need to give the tool kit back either to EA Canada original developer of NFS or back to Blackbox studio with frostbyte engine.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771262d ago

Good! maybe they can make a better nfs game this time minus the pursuit tech trash, and can't choose a transmission ruined it for me. Hopefully they'll get right this time and axe that pursuit tech crap out!

wingman32x1262d ago

I'll be keeping an eye on EA's conference this year. I'm really hoping for Mass Effect.

SegaGamer1262d ago

They may as well just promise us a game full of glitches. I fear for Star Wars games, they could become unplayable under EA.

farhad2k81262d ago

NFS Underground 3 in 2015 please, not a remake like Most Wanted, we want a sequel with the same base game, with returning 'drift' and 'drag' game modes, and the all mighty car customization. If it happens, it will be the first NFS game I will buy since NFS Carbon!

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