Advanced Warfare is Activision’s First ‘Pure Next-Gen’ Call of Duty, Will Have ‘New Melee Mechanics’

MP1st - During video game publisher Activision’s most recent earnings call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg detailed a few of the effects a next-gen-focused development cycle will have on Sledgehammer Games’ recently unveiled Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare.

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mhunterjr1351d ago

Sounds like they are adding new wrinkles to the formula. I haven't been interested in COD since mw2, but I must admit, they've caught my attention. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

"Advanced Warfare is Activision’s First ‘Pure Next-Gen’ Call of Duty"

After Call of Duty: Ghost I almost give up on the series but after seeing Advanced Warfare I changed my mind. The game looks great.

I think Ghost was absolute trash. With crap like Predator, Michael Myers, Aliens, Snoop Doggs voice, Fish A.I. etc. this crap don't belong in a military shooter! It's like they had zero freaking ideas and added anything they could think of. It's just crazy. Advanced Warfare goes back to the roots and looks amazing.

DanteVFenris6661351d ago

This is why the game still sells, it's marketing campaign which some of you have clearly fallen for. They spew this all the time it's always ends up bad in the end

mhunterjr1350d ago

Nah, I haven't fallen for anything... Like I said, I haven't touched COD since MW2. Marketing alone will never sell me on a game. Marketing might make me cautiously optimistic, but until I see and play for myself, I'll remain reserved. Don't group me with the folks who fall for the marketing.

HammadTheBeast1351d ago

I still have my doubts. They seem to think they can just add a tiny bit more and get away with it, when the foundation has been broken since after MW2.

Destrania1351d ago

I still don't see how they can consider this a 'pure next-gen' CoD when it still uses a variation of the same engine, and is releasing cross-generation...

GarrusVakarian1351d ago

I thought it was using an entirely new engine? And i believe a separate developer is making the last gen versions, leaving the current gen and PC versions to sledgehammer games themselves.

I really hope what i heard about a new engine is true, this series really, REALLY, needs a new engine, not just a modified version of the current one.

MRHARDON1351d ago

Remember the "New engine" claim last year?

"Call of Duty: Ghosts ushers in the next generation of the franchise. The new title delivers a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast of characters, all powered by a new, next generation Call of Duty engine that redefines the series for the next generation."

TheDevKit1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Most developers don't just trash their engine.

Halo: Reach still has engine code used in Halo: CE.

zeuanimals1351d ago

They used the modified Quake engine because they needed 60fps on last-gen consoles. These new consoles could handle a better engine at 60fps.

Not sure how I feel about this game, though. I care about graphics but COD gameplay bores me, and I have a feeling they're not gonna improve this game. People say COD never changes, that's true, it never changes certain things like the engine and core gameplay, but they change the little things that shouldn't be changed, or they change it in the wrong way.

MW1 was nearly perfect because it was simple, like all of the other great fast paced FPS MP games (Quake, UT, Halo, CS 1.6, etc.). It didn't have all of that BS from the future games. I doubt they're gonna get rid of all of that groundwork and start from scratch, even though that's what they need to do to capture the players they've lost, but they don't care. Casuals want more BS because that's what makes it "fun".

Vegamyster1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Sledgehammer is working on the PS4/Xone/PC versions and a different dev will be working on the 360/PS3. To be fair pretty much all games out currently can be done on the 360/PS3 with just the graphics/Resolution scaled back. SH said the game engine was designed with next gen in mind and i think that's pretty evident if you compare it to Ghosts which looked and performed bad, sure it may not have destructible environments but as long as it runs at 60 fps like the previous games i don't see that as a bad thing.

Elda1351d ago

@Destrania I was thinking the same thing.

Qrphe1351d ago

GoW3 used a revamped PS2 engine, KZ SF used a revamped PS3 engine. As long as engines are modified for new harsware they have no problems.

Destrania1351d ago

Guess it depends. I think having a dedicated platform to work on was the reason those games you mentioned looked/look astonishingly good. GoW 3 is the most epic game I've ever played imo, I still go back and play it every now and then just for a good jaw-dropping. However that's off topic. I'll watch 'Advanced Warfighter' closely leading up to release and see if it truly revitalizes CoD for me.

zeuanimals1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

GOW3 was using a 5 year old engine, if we're solely talking about when the games the engines first came from first released, and GOW1 came out in 2005 while GOW3 came out in 2010. KZSF was using a 4 year old (almost 5 year old) engine since KZ2 came out in 2009 and KZSF came out in 2013.

COD's been using a 14 year old engine that came out 2 generations prior, I say 2/3 because the Quake engine it's been using for years came out during the end of the PS1's generation and just a year before the PS2's launch. Technically, that's still 1 generation for the PS360 generation since Quake III can't run on the PS1 but it did on the PS2. Since Ghosts uses the same engine, it's been in use for 2 generations...

Sure, it's heavily modified but you can clearly see the limitations, namely in destruction, the way most projectiles work, graphics, ragdoll physics, physics in general, and a couple more. The reason they used that engine was because it allowed them to reach 60fps on the old consoles, no need for that anymore and they can finally use a new one.


That is a FACT! Well said. Activision can blow all the smoke out their butt they want. We know it's not true. Stop with cross gen titles and make a new engine!

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MasterD9191351d ago

I hope those "new" melee mechanics include throwing a soldier into a streetlight from a moving vehicle like I saw in the trailer.

I believe they call that a "Gimme Some Spacey"...

BlackTar1871351d ago

New Melee mechanics. Yes the knife kill will now be only effective at 17 feet not the old 19feet like the last 5 games.

I really do want to like these games. they bring all my gaming buddies together which is a big thing to me. I just can't the knifing the perks the bonuses you get for being good in a round make it impossible for the team who actually needs help to stand a chance.

I'm saying this from competitive gamer POV. well not anymore i usually am part of the winning team since i do play with some pretty active Clans on MLG and is owned by MLG) I just run out of fun when me and my team are fighting over who gets to use their A10 or attack shopper or dogs.

I like being rewarded (KS system) but doing so means spawn camping people for the next 4hrs of gametime that night gets old.

MysticStrummer1351d ago

New melee mechanics… push down the other analog stick.

mrpsychoticstalker1351d ago

this game is looking more and more like Titanfall, I will still buy it because I love competitive games. But, unless they show some serious innovation not copied from Elysium movie, its still not "next Gen" for me.

AceBlazer131351d ago

You mean Titanfall looked a lot like this game. Fixed that for you. Pretty hard for something to copy the bastard child of fps.

Ghost_Nappa1351d ago

Elysium did not invent exo suits an cod aw looks nothing like titanfall

MysticStrummer1351d ago

It doesn't look much like Titanfall at all, and neither TF nor Elysium originated mechs.

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