UnEpic; A Game That Lies Straight From The Title

This game literally lies from the start. This game made by one man named Francisco Tellez De Meneses (With the help of others for localization and such of course.) is a dungeon-crawler RPG with funny puns and hints to it’s inspirations; such being World of Warcraft, Diablo,Castlevania and The Maze of Galious.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1502d ago

There's only a couple of things I don't really like about the game...
The amount of grinding required near the end of it, the fact that you HAVE to have some sort of ranged damage ability at some point or you can't progress, and the fact that skill resets are few and far between.

Also not enough skill points per level for my taste, but that's just a personal gripe.

Other than that, I own and love the game to death.
I still haven't beaten it, though; gotta grind a while longer to earn SP for that "reveal invisible" spell, or I'm just going to keep running into invisible jerks that steal my stuff!XD