Rumor: The Next Mass Effect Game Could Be Mass Effect: Contact

The next Mass Effect game is most probably going to be showcased at E3, and today we learned something about its possible title, thanks to the industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, who has a quite solid track record with what he relies from his sources.

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-Foxtrot1533d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Contact? Maybe a game when the human race first contacts with other races again across the galaxy when they finally fix the Mass Relay's

I would be highly disappointed if it was a prequel. I hate prequels, they always end up having items or weapons of some kind where you scratch your head and think "Hang on...where the hell was this in the main games, this would of helped with <insert moment> in Mass Effect 2/3"

Not to mention we know how the First Contract War ends as the Citadel Council intervenes and negotiates a peace treaty. The First Contact war seems dull in my opinion, it only lasts 3 months. Better kept for a spin off game.

With main games I always like to see the story be pushed forward.

Well least if it is a prequel they have no excuse to use thermal clips and they will go back to cool down weapons

I wonder if we'll see what happened to Shepard <SPOILERS>....there is that ending where you see him breathing yet it's NEVER been explained. So he's alive then. I know we won't play him but it's still something left untouched.

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

The first thing i thought of when i saw that title was the 'First Contact War' between the Humans and Turians. That is a game i would like to play...although the First Contact War would be more suitable as DLC, there's not enough story in it to fill an entire game.


Good point......

Abriael1532d ago

There isn't enough if we count what we know, but how much more lore can be built around it?

Thantalas1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

The Contact name could make it a prequel. But after the unclear fate of everything after Mass Effect 3 I definitely want a sequel. There's talk of a new hero, but Bioware created a great character with Jack Shepard and I'd want to see him again. Although Assassin's Creed has reinvented itself with new protagonist. Ezio worked great, Connor not so great.

Anyway, I don't want to play a past chapter, I want to see what happening in the Mass Effect universe's present day.

-Foxtrot1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


I wouldn't mind seeing Shepard again to be honest

They put that ending in for a reason so I don't know why we can't play him again. The thing is though Shepard as a character is "us", we shape him into "our" character so really it's not like we're getting more of the same if he returns.

His story obviously can't be over if he's seen breathing in one of the endings.

I would like to see it where he's in a coma and because of the work which was done to him in ME2 it allows him to slowly repair himself over the years. If it's set in the far, FAR future then I guess they could put him in stasis or cryo freeze him.

magnetite1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It was said that the next game will be as big as Dragon Age Inquisition in terms of content. Not sure how much that is, but it's certainly not a small DLC that could be developed in a couple months.

Shepard's story is over though. Would be pretty hard to make a game which involves Shepard in any way (main character or supporting) as 99% of the endings, Shepard is dead.

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Lucreto1532d ago

I would be disappointed as well.

They covered the war in a comic and the movie is meant to cover it as well.

If it is a prequel take place between 2 and 3 in a different galaxy or stuck in an area where there is no Mass Relays.

-Foxtrot1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

"They covered the war in a comic and the movie is meant to cover it as well"

Exactly, we know enough already.

It just seems more logical to me to set it to the point when humanity and those other species stranded on earth after the war finally contact other worlds again after they finally fix the relay's

Remember the end of ME3

"When can I go to the stars?"

"One day my sweet"

magnetite1531d ago

Who said the mass relays were destroyed? The Starchild? People believed him? I'd trust Admiral Hackett more than him. The Crucible only targets Reapers, as Hackett mentioned. Mass relays are unharmed, and no one is stranded.

maniacmayhem1532d ago

"With main games I always like to see the story be pushed forward."

I definitely agree, I can't stand prequels for games. I would also like to see what happened to Shepard, this to me is what this game should be answering not a past story.

Maybe Contact will mean how the humans will get back in contact with the other races since...<SPOLIERS>...the mass relays were destroyed. There's no way to warp across the cosmos. Not to mention all the other races stuck in our solar system because of this event.

Lucreto1532d ago

The new ending changed it to heavily damaged not destroyed.


If it's a prequel I will not be buying the game. Read all I want about Contact War... So want have my interest.

osprey191532d ago

I think itll be about contact with a new species, enemy or not. Not necessarily the first contact war. I think i read somewhere that bioware dnt wanna do a prequel as well.

medman1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I would prefer contact referred to our encounter with species from the Andromeda Galaxy or denizens of yet to be charted regions of the Milky Way rather than the first contact war. Also, I would think Bioware want a fresh start with the series and not be beholden to events from the trilogy having to shape what they do too much with this new Mass Effect.

DOMination-1532d ago

Untrue I believe. My own sources tell me it won't have a subtitle and won't have the word "effect" in the name. It will he marketed as "a Mass Effect game" but will be called Mass [Something]......

TheXgamerLive1532d ago

TBH, I hate so called insiders who want to spoil the surprise. I ASSume their idiots who get off on thinking "I told everyone first". I'd rather hear the news with an official reveal.

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Nate-Dog1532d ago

My Mass is Erect.

*leaves stage ashamed*

CyrusLemont1532d ago

No f*****g prequel please.


Aleithian1532d ago

Although the contact war seems plausible, it is conceivable that the name indicates contact with a new species after the end of ME3. Or if not a new species, then a new technology. There's good reason to think that it will be set after ME3: it leaves more room for sequels. Setting a game before ME1 significantly reduces the opportunities for innovative story-telling. Sure, they could add to the lore. But it's hardly terra incognita - we know what happened back then.

The question, of course, is what is contacted. An extra-galactic species? A long-dormant species? I lean more toward a species than a technology, insofar as the last three games have basically explored a technology.

Ittoryu1532d ago

Yeah I forgot they did release some concept art revealing a new species.

osprey191532d ago

Yhh the oravoras i believe. Maybe they survived. Dormant, and now they arrive again. If anyone doesn't knw who they were, they were the protheans rivals before their reaper war.

Ittoryu1532d ago

Orvaores were at war with the asari not protheans

theshredded1532d ago is not a good name at all

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