Kevin Durant Named NBA 2K15 Cover Athlete

StickSkills writes: The awards keep coming in for Kevin Durant. First the NBA MVP award and now it has been announced that he has earned a spot on the NBA 2K15 cover. Earlier today we broke the news of the release date for NBA 2K15 being set to October 7th but 2K Sports wasn’t done announcing news for their upcoming basketball simulation game, NBA 2K15.

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NYC_Gamer1410d ago

I 100% agree with the choice of KD

Snookies121410d ago

Hell yeah man, Durant is a beast. Was always using OKC in 2K13 with him, Harden and Westbrook.

mikeslemonade1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

2K hasn't been great since 2K12. Bring back the normal controls and fix the team up.

PS: Heat 3-peat! And Lebron goes to Clevand and wins 3 more! He then is statistically better than Michael Jordan!

Akuma2K1410d ago

Don't hold your breath, its not happening.

Illusive_Man1410d ago

Might as well just give it to him to change it up but we all know LeBron is the best overall player in the NBA. Durant is the best scorer.

Congrats to Durant though! Great player!

Crossbones1410d ago

KD Would Own Lebron One on One. Lebron even admitted he can't guard KD alone. But against teams Heat are better.

TreMillz1410d ago

Lebron has never admitted that, he locked up KD in the finals and several other games...

JetsFool35001410d ago

Melo is a better scorer kd is just more efficient

theshredded1410d ago

I hope they got familiar with the new consoles and that this game turns out beast,I don't buy sports games every year

Dannyh1410d ago

2k sports needs to drop the drm on NBA 2k15, I won't buy another nba2k game again if I can't play a franchise game when the network is down

QuantumWake1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Congrats KD on the MVP! The dude had an unbelievable year!

QuantumWake1410d ago

Three disagrees? LOL! Are you going to deny KD had a monster season? 32PPG, 50/39/87. Dude isn't even in his prime and he's tearing it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.