Star Wars: Battlefront confirmed for E3 appearance

DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront will indeed be at this year's E3.

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-Foxtrot1413d ago

It's exciting and scary at the same time

Exciting because it's bloody Battlefront 3, something we've been waiting years for


Scary since it's EA and like other games under them they end up turning into shadows of their former selfs.

I don't know about you but if I see that Battlefront 3 has been "COD-ified" and is like every other generic online game I would be livid. Same feeling I got when I realised ND messed up Uncharted 3 from Uncharted 2.

I just want to play some good old Battlefield without massive perks, weapon mods, loadouts, killstreaks, paid perks etc.

UbiquitousClam1413d ago

I have complete faith that when Battlefront is shown It will wow everyone and look incredible like BF4, DICE are very good making trailers and showing off there games to make them look amazing. My only fear is that like BF4 this game will be a buggy mess when its released.

-Foxtrot1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Yeah but Battlefield 4 was first revealed it looked amazing yet was buggy as hell when it released.

I still would be livid if I see after the amazing trailer it has been made into every online game.

Might be a good game on it's own but I would be disappointed if it's not the Battlefront I fell in love with years ago.

I would honestly want people to speak up, I mean I know people might not agree but even in a wonderful online game like The Last of Us paying for armour/weapons during the match and even having loadouts spoilt it for me a bit since they didn't belong in a game such as that. Like that game I don't think Battlefront 3 needs that.

Elwenil1413d ago

Exactly. Both EA and DICE are great at showing people what they want to see in a very exciting fashion. I fully expect there to be many things to "wow" people, but like Clam said above, the main issue will be where the rubber meets the road. I imagine there will be changes to make the game more accessible to more people, that's just EA's way, but DICE is borderline incompetent when it comes to releasing a 100% functional game so I am going to temper my excitement with a healthy dose of hate over the condition of BF4.

GarrusVakarian1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

This game will be huge. But i too am scared.

Placing this game in the hands of EA is like placing your wedding rings into the hands of your best man....if your best man was a drunken ape with a tendency to lose wedding rings.

EA, you CAN'T mess this one up....please. Redeem yourselves with this, we are begging you.

mikeslemonade1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I like this series and I'm not even a Star Wars fan. I personally know George Lucas. He bought my girlfriend a car.

You know the fan fare is going to be high just like how Batman Arkam Knight was.

Nodoze1413d ago

Um, if he bought your 'girlfriend' a car, what service did she render to receive it?

Does this make you the lemonade P1Mp?

P.S. if she told you he bought it for no particular reason, she is lying...

KwietStorm1413d ago

They may have screwed up Battlefield, but I don't think they can risk the backlash of the geeks if they screw up Star Wars.

Kleptic1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

^you may be surprised...

BF4, and frostbite 3 specifically...which is most likely what Battlefront 3 will render off of (as EA has stated its their go to foundation for this generation of 'new software')...was fundamentally built to make gorgeous trailers...and literally nothing else...

its performance...on all lackluster...its a frankenstein'd engine of 4+ middleware providers (granny animation, havok physics, some 3rd party proprietary lighting engine licensing, etc...)

and most importantly...the networking side of the engine is laced with corner cutting in order to make it cheap to maintain and lacks core abilities to provide the needed experience for what it was designed for...which is simply consistency and balance within a multiplayer environment...that is exactly what BF4 is unacceptably bad at...

I've never IN MY LIFE seen a multiplayer game that can be so blatantly out of sync...yet still have 70 clients battlefield 4...and i'm talking about games earlier this week, not half a year ago...nothing has changed, the game is a's to hoping that mistake isn't repeated...

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Ghost_Nappa1413d ago

Tha fact that danger close helped make bf4 might have something to do with the state it was in


I have no doubt it will be buggy, but, BF4 is playing wonderfully on Xbox One and my friends PS4 now! Either it will be less buggy due to time with Frostbite 3, or as buggy as BF4 because of new gameplay mechanics in the engine. Either way though the game will be amazing and authentic!

dodgemoose1413d ago

They can't really win then, can they? Whilst in your perspective the new Battlefront needs to be free of perks, weapon mods, loadouts, killstreaks, and so forth, to another person that would leave too much of a barebone game. Hell, Titanfall has been criticised for its lack of customisation and features, and that has most of the things listed above.

-Foxtrot1413d ago

Then make a second mode with those features

Just show old school players who played the first two that they are going to stay true to the series by focusing on a classic mode first as the onlines main mode.

joab7771413d ago

As long as Battlefield 4 was rushed and neglected so that this game could rock, I am!

As far as EA. I wouldnt worry. Its HIGH priority to get this right. If they can combat CoD w/ Battlefield/Battleground rotation, all will be happy there. So, I am think thatvthis game gets full attention.

1413d ago
3-4-51413d ago

This could be huge. Even non-Star Wars fans will most likely be playing this game.

cyclindk1413d ago

The first image should be of of jar jar and hayden christensen being diced to pieces by lightsabers blasters torpedos death star super lasers and chewed up and $hit out by gundarks, all in-engine of course.

SilentDarknezzz1412d ago

Hope they keep the offline battles as well. Sure, online is fun but I really enjoyed the way Battlefront 2 was with just AI and split-screen.

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WorldGamer1413d ago

Man oh man. With the debacle that was the BF4 rollout, I am a bit concerned about this one. I really hope they do a great job and the lessons they learned from BF4 translate into a smoother release for Battlefront.

Should be interesting either way, gotta love Star Wars.

Kayant1413d ago

Yes can't wait. Please be a gameplay trailer or stage walk trough.

DanManDantheMan1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Ugh... I can see it now...

Pre-order for your red lightsaber!
Pre-order for the hoth DLC!
Pre-order for your clone trooper to get a blaster rifle!
Oh sh*t! Our game is super buggy! But who care? We already have your money!

Freaking EA... bunch of dickheads the lot of 'em... Gonna try to make me spend $70 for a video game.

Why Lucasarts.. why'd you have to get bought out...

Skate-AK1413d ago

They got bought by Disney. The buy out has nothing to do with EA. Disney just licensed EA to make Battlefront 3.

dodgemoose1413d ago

Damn, I'm guessing they should just dish the game up to you on a silver platter? How dare they ask for money for their video game... It's as if they're a business!

DanManDantheMan1413d ago

Difference between you and me is that I don't like getting rear-ended.

There ARE other successful companies that don't do this.

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1413d ago

Disney doesn't need to be involved lol .

GearSkiN1413d ago

They will be seating and waiting for the cash. MMUULLLLAAAAAHH

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