COD: Advanced Warfare GDC Image Proof of “Commitment to our Project,” Says Sledgehammer

MP1st - In a letter from the studio, Sledgehammer writes, “To say that the team is excited about this week would be an understatement, and after close to three years we’re finally able to start talking about the project to our fans.”

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Future_20151238d ago

I will wait for E3 to see gameplay, Battlefield SWAT might steal the show though (cops vs robbers)

lets_go_gunners1238d ago

*Cough Cough* battlefront 3.

cyclindk1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

"These are not the games we're looking for."

XiSasukeUchiha1238d ago

COD AW i'm still on the fence about this.

mrpsychoticstalker1238d ago

destruction a la BF 4 style. i hope they add this.

killzone6191238d ago

in SP destruction is welcome but in MP i dont think it will work well in CoD.

People will just noobtube the entire map

Yodagamer1238d ago

Sledgehammer has some of the people from the first dead space behind it. So i have a bit of hope for this one's single player atleast. I don't see them changing the multiplayer too much and if they do all the better.

trenso11238d ago

not to me just shows me you can make a great looking image, ill wait for the E3 gameplay.

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