Social Justice Warriors - Pixel Art Role Playing Game Where You Take On The Internet Trolls

Social Justice Warriors is a role-playing game, inspired by the ridiculous list of “social justice warrior” videogame journalists to avoid. It transforms you into a crusader for online morality, a champion of internet justice, and the lone defender standing valiantly against the encroaching morass of wilful human ignorance.

You’re given a choice of four different classes – Paladin, Cleric, Mage and Rogue – all with their own unique troll-thwarting rebukes and actions, such as ‘publish an article illuminating the path to a brighter humanity”, “tweet a list of your trolls character flaws”, “retire to the confines of the r/ commune with like minds” or “immolate the opposition by naming them directly”.

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TheDevil15inallofus1509d ago

Wow, this game is hilariously bad.

However, that journalist image will come in handy for future reference!