Pre-order Bound By Flame for Just $25.50

Hardcore Gamer: Forget pre-ordering the game on Steam (or Gamersgate, even). Right now, the highly anticipated RPG from Spiders can be had for the low price of $25.50.

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ValKilmer1411d ago

Wow, that's basically half off. They seem kind of desperate to move copies of this game...

BiggCMan1411d ago

It's not going to sell well, I already see that. Price cutting can really help a new IP get into the hands of previously uninterested people though so hopefully people pick this up.

I do think it will be good and be reviewed quite nicely soon. The graphics could be better but the rest of the game seems to be really well made.

This will be a sleeper hit I think, and to be fully honest i'm more looking forward to Lords of the Fallen which is a little similar in some ways.

SlapHappyJesus1411d ago

Just a heads up, there was an issue with the article when I wrote it up. A mistake on my part.
The code is for Greenman gaming. The first line should be a good indication that I made a mistake.
So, yeah. You can get the game for that price on Greenman, not Gamersgate.

rivencleft1410d ago

Damn that is a very enticing price point, especially since Val Kilmer told me it was so cheap..