New Titanfall Games Coming From EA; Showing Six Games in Development at E3 and More

Electronic Arts just released its latest earnings report where it announced a net revenue of $4,012 millions, and as part of the slides the publisher also announced its line-up for the upcoming fiscal year.

During the following conference call they also announced that they're going to show six games currently in development at E3, scheduled for release next year, and that a new publishing deal has been made with Respawn to bring "New Titanfall Experiences" in the future.

More info was also given about the "major" new title coming this fall, which will also be announced at E3.

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majiebeast1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

-Fifa 15
-Mass Effect 4
-BattleField SWAT

Thats my guess.

Abriael1503d ago

I'm guessing it's too early for Visceral's star wars game... the one with Amy Hennig

majiebeast1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah they probably just started planning and brain storming but thats it.SWAT is rumoured to be by the other Visceral team.

UltraNova1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Isn't Viceral working on a shooter?


Yeah probably.

ThunderSpark1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Why is no one talking about the weak sales of Titanfall which is being sold on 3 different platforms and has only managed to sell 925k according to NPD and 1.2 million worldwide, whereas Infamous pulled 1 million in 9 days easily on one platform. A big Wow. PS4 is definitely the console for gamers and games.

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LAWSON721503d ago

Battlefield SWAT that sounds worse then the COD rumor of WW1 lol

purp13m0nk3y1503d ago

I think Cod returning to ww1/ww2 would be an awesome idea. The whole "future solder" thing has been done to death and IMO is boring as f'k.

Some of my favourite COD experiences were from the earlier games set in the past. Everything after MW2 has been utter shite. Literally the same recycled shite over and over.

bleedsoe9mm1503d ago

Battlefield SWAT sounds like a whole game that is close combat , BF needs to stop trying to be COD

styferion1503d ago

I actually like the World War CoD, that feeling of being a normal soldier part of an army instead of being an elite-small-team-full-of-rambo ..

rubyserg1502d ago

@purplemonkey I don't mind it, but what I think that makes it shite is the fact that producers can't make a really nice future game that's actually innovative and original. But with how Advanced Warfare is taking it, it actually looks different from all the other future war games which is why it has my attention.

sak5001502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Battlefield 2142 was one of the best futuristic fps games of all time. The name titans was used for the first time which were huge motherships and you were supposed to take them down. The snow effects were great even at the prevailing hardware on PCs. It was so much fun playing on 64 player servers. One of the best games after BF2/BFV.

I just hope they do a remake for new gen consoles of 2142. Polish the graphics and the weather effects and couple of modes but don't change anything else or you'll end up with broken games of recent past.

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MidnytRain1503d ago

I really hope we get a release date for Mirror's Edge. Companies shouldn't be allowed to show us average joes games one time and then stay quiet about it for a year.

DragonKnight1503d ago

You know that Anita Sarkeesian is directly involved in Mirror's Edge 2 right?

CoLD FiRE1503d ago

@DragonKnight Damn! I didn't think you were serious but it turned out to be true. Now my hype for Mirror's Edge 2 is dead and I fear they're going to screw it up.

OrangePowerz1503d ago

Mirror's Edge

Retroman1503d ago

what'd!!!! no NEED FOR SPEED announcement??? ghost games must have FAILED!!!! as Criterion did.

Salooh1503d ago

I'm disgraced to support Rival by force lol XD . The videos looked good but the game is awful . It's like releasing a ps1 game on ps4 >.<

-Foxtrot1503d ago

Only thing about EA's conferences is that they spend way too much time on sports stuff

UFC, Fifa 15, Madden etc

Why announce these games at these big conferences, people know they come every year now so why not just announce them in a small online presentation and show them off on the floor at E3.

Evilsnuggle1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

-Fifa 15
-Mass Effect 4
-BattleField SWAT
-???? Dragon age


I would not be surprised if EA made a Titanfall definitive edition on PS4 a Titanfall 1.5

Magicite1503d ago

EA is swimming in cash.

xtremeimport1502d ago

TF was fun. But it just got really old pretty quickly.
It's only fun for me to play now with friends and I only have 1 friend who has and plays it.

Its too bad. I think a bigger multiplayer playlist, longer campaign and bigger maps would've helped this game a lot.

ZombieKiller1502d ago

I wonder if TF 2 willl hit the PS4? God know's it would have probably generated 3 times the revenue for EA!

I would love to see Mirrors Edge 2! ESPECIALLY ON NEXT GEN MY GOD! That game was gorgeous to begin with!

b-real1502d ago


Because those numbers do not include digital sales of the game. I know I purchased it digitally, and the bundled version with a Xbox One was also a digital version (this would have been a sizable chuck of the sales given how much they discounted the entire package).

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corvusmd1503d ago

Would be cool if they did a multiplat TF with the SP aspect, then kept the MP only version of TF exclusive to XB1/XBL.

Abriael1503d ago

I'm gonna bet right now. Titanfall 2 will be on PC, Xbox One, PS4. No old gen.

majiebeast1503d ago

Yeah if EA wants this to be a big franchise they cant skip the PS4.

Kayant1503d ago


They won't be I feel unless respawn stupidly allows the same thing to happen to them again with EA making the full exclusive decision without telling them because they have shown interest in PS platforms.

TomShoe1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@Abriael Sarkeesian

Yep. The jump to the next generation is going to be even faster, especially since the previous generation lasted so long.


Another yep, sort of. The reason it was Xbox exclusive on the onset was because Respawn, as part of the EA Partners program, spent about a $3M planned budget, and didn't have much to show for it. EA was about to cancel the game, but Microsoft stepped in and offered to fund it. The full exclusivity wasn't made until after E3 and the subsequent backlash.

The reason for Sony's radio silence when Respawn asked them was because they weren't ready to trust 3rd parties with what PS4 had under the hood yet. If they offered up their specs, and Respawn went with Microsoft anyway, they could've leaked that info, spurring them to up their offering.

On-Topic: Awesome sales for a New IP. Congratulations to Respawn, and I hope they have a long and bright future.

MultiConsoleGamer1503d ago

It makes perfect sense to release TF2 on PS4, but Microsoft has deep pockets and I feel they are committed to buying their way to victory in this gen.

scott1821503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I agree, didn't they already say all future games would not be exclusive? Can't wait to see it on PS4, if it does come to the system.

GiantEnemyCrab1502d ago

MS helped to bankroll the project to even get it finished. "Sony lacked cooperation/openness" as quoted from the studio. This isn't MS money hatting as much as Sony dropping the ball.

Clown_Syndr0me1502d ago

Not being funny but those who only own a PS4 aren't missing much with Titanfall.
I used to play online shooters to death, almost religiously. I thought TF would be the same but I only played it for a week. There's not much to it tbh, was a shame.

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DialgaMarine1503d ago

Hopefully PS4 will be lead platform for the next Titanfall, so that we can at least get a 1080p version on consoles.

TRD4L1fe1503d ago

Does it matter which console is lead. If the ps4 can do titans in 1080p then it'll do it.

Clown_Syndr0me1502d ago

Another idiot throwing around the term "lead platform". Do any of you people even have a clue what youre talking about or do you just repeat each others garbage.

AceBlazer131503d ago

925,000 in march across Pc and xbone. Interesting numbers there considering Vgchartz had the Xbone version at 1.2m by the end of March. An over estimate of 200k. Smfh.

YodaCracker1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

925,000 is from NPD, which is only US sales. The VGChartz number, whether accurate or not, is worldwide.

HugoDrax1503d ago

"This sales data, via NPD, includes physical copies sold in North America only."

Not including digital worldwide on Xbox One.
Not including Digital US on Xbox One.
Not including XB1 bundles.
Not including 360 sales.
Not including digital PC sales ( which are 85 percent of pc game sales are digital)

Just good ole 1 million hard copies for XB1 in US alone.

imt5581503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Quote :

Just good ole 1 million hard copies for XB1 in US alone.

925 000 copies includes PC and Xbone retail copies!

HugoDrax1503d ago


You're right, Correction! PC and XBONE 925,000 copies in 3 weeks. :-)

That's still amazing results, I wonder what the numbers will be once worldwide retail, digital downloads, x360, and bundle numbers are released.