Destiny Has Record Pre-Orders for New IP; "Breakthrough Game;" Shown at E3 With "Great Partner Sony"

During the conference call following Activision Blizzard’s earnings release where a net revenue of $1,111 million for Fiscal Year 2014 was announced, the publisher mentioned that it believes that Bungie’s upcoming Destiny is seeing record pre-orders for a new IP, also mentioning that it'll be showcased at E3 with the "great Party Sony" and more.

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AceBlazer131505d ago ShowReplies(14)
Relientk771505d ago

Cant wait to see more of Destiny at E3

JackOfAllBlades1504d ago

Yeah Destiny is shaping up to be really great!

ats19921504d ago

Wow you're getting disagrees just because you want to get this game for xbox.

TRD4L1fe1504d ago

Astonishing isn't it. Actually sad really

M-M1504d ago

He's getting disagrees because the purpose of him commenting was for disagrees.

choujij1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

From my perspective, he's probably getting a lot of disagrees because his comment can be interpreted in at least 2 ways:

A) He want's it for his Xbox, and is showing support for his console of choice and those opposed are disagreeing.


B) He's saying the Xbox NEEDS it, and fans Xbox probably disagree in the sense that they believe it already has great games.

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SoapShoes1504d ago

Well considering the drought it's in I'd agree even the 360 is getting more games.

TRD4L1fe1504d ago

I don't see a drought in games. If people aren't willing to play the games that are out then that's their own fault

I've been constantly on titanfall since day 1 and have yet to be a little bored with it. Child of light was also a great game to play

Biggest1504d ago

You don't understand a drought.

Farmer says: I don't see a drought. I'm good with the water I got last month. So what if the crops are dying because no new water is here. I'm good with the old water that I've already used up.

SITH1504d ago

I am getting it for the xbox one, and so are forty+ of my friends who I play PC with. All Xbox one gamers. They can disagree, and be mad about it if they want. Bungie will have support from us xbox gamers whether they like it or not. See you in the game guardian.

MYDEATH211502d ago

Wait.... Let me try something.

My PlayStation™ Nation brethren!! Lend me your likes!

Lol ^_^ sorry.. Just playing with the Xboners.

OT: My PS4 needs you!

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corvusmd1505d ago

Really looking forward to this game!!! They spent a ton, so it'll be hard to make a profit, but I'm sure the sequel will make tons of money.

reko1504d ago

nice stealth troll tho.

Muzikguy1504d ago

If they spent that much where they wouldn't make a profit that would mean it's a failure. Failures don't see sequels. Unless you want to pay full price for a lesser game? People complain about that all the time.