EA titles represent 40% of combined PS4 and Xbox One game sales in the West

GameZone: "Of all the Xbox One and PS4 games sold in the "Western World" in the fiscal fourth quarter ending March 31, 2014, 40 percent were EA titles."

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incendy351388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Titanfall, BF4 and FIFA absolutely dominated. Those digital sales are crazy. Wish they had broken down the Digital Sales by platform, very curious to see the ratios between PC, X1 and PS4 for digital sales. PC is pretty much digital only by now so I am guessing they account for a large portion of them, but have to wonder just how much.

Good for EA, now spend that money on fixing Battlefield :D

incendy351388d ago

Nevermind, those digital sales are based on mobile apps it appears.

TomShoe1387d ago

It's scary that we all hate EA, yet they control so much about what games we play.

3-4-51387d ago

WE don't all Hate EA.

I like Still play their games occasionally, I just can't stand their lack of progression and the fact they could achieve so much more, but choose not to.

AgentSmithPS41387d ago

I wonder what percent of the profits went to fixing their games/servers and what percent went to the Bond villains that are running the company?

MysticStrummer1387d ago

I wonder what percent of the people who voted EA worst company still bought their games.

AgentSmithPS41387d ago

I knew not the depths of their Evil-Arts before I experienced bf4 for myself. I wish I could go back in time so I could vote against them and not give them my money, and to warn others of what awaited them.

I was a gamer starved for next-gen games, vulnerable and alone I even ignored dice's strangely absurd past failures and had false hopes that they had learned from it and cared about their work if not their players.

MysticStrummer1387d ago

lol I'm actually of the opinion that anyone who voted them worst company has a very tenuous grasp on reality because there are many worse companies. I have more than a few EA titles in my collection, though none from the current gen yet.

MultiConsoleGamer1387d ago

Well, I have 5 games for XB1 and PS4 and two of them are made by EA.

AgentSmithPS41387d ago

One does not simply walk into an EA title. Its pretty gates are guarded by more than just bugs. There is lag there that does not sleep, and the accountability is ever missing.

MasterD9191387d ago

That's because there aren't too many games out now frankly...and EA, like Activision, has it's hands in quite a few pots at the moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.