Destiny beta set for July

Destiny's beta will kick off in July, Activision has confirmed.

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ZodTheRipper1350d ago

Kinda late but I still can't wait to try it out. One of the most promising games this year and my most wanted after The Order 1886.

joydestroy1350d ago

those are def my top 2 games for this year

rivencleft1350d ago

You know I'm usually big on people having an opinion but I must say whomever disagreed with you on this is a douche nozzle. Destiny and The Order 1886 will be two of the biggest and most epic new IPs since Halo and God of War.

mafiahajeri1350d ago

Nooooooo was hoping for June!

MasterD9191350d ago

I was speculating June for a while and I'm a bit disappointed too....

July is only two months away from September, which means there isn't THAT much time to resolve any major issues. I remember the Halo: Reach beta worked out great, so I'm hopeful that the beta-testers will essentially test the hell out of Destiny, which would allow Bungie to catch anything ahead of time that they should have.

ForgivenZombie1350d ago

I was hoping for the beta to release right after E3. I'm bummed and excited at the same time.

4logpc1350d ago

Something to play in the summer for once. hopefully its a few weeks long.

Unreal011350d ago

Great news, I can't wait.

TRD4L1fe1350d ago

Damon later than I thought. But excited to get my hands on it

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The story is too old to be commented.