Kotaku Review: The New Vita Is An Improvement, Mostly

Kotaku- There's a new PlayStation Vita handheld out today. It's called the Vita Slim, and while for the most part it's unchanged, it does improve on a number of small things compared with the original Vita. Though there is the issue of that new screen.

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AKissFromDaddy1448d ago

I enjoyed Kirk's review. Only downside is the new LED screen. I'll keep my original Vita and get my sister this one.

Yi-Long1448d ago

I bought the old Vita last week because of the OLED screen. Seems fine so far. Sadly, it came without internal memory and a small 8GB memory card, and the Vita memory cards are still VERY expensive here in Holland... :(

With PSN+, there's really no good reason NOT to get a VITA...

Vegamyster1448d ago

Depends on how you look at it, doesn't look as good but with LDC you get extra battery life and longer screen lifespan.

Th3o1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

the battery life is almost void, since OLED is brighter you can down the brightness and have around the same time.

Also internal memory is a huge bummer seeing as it deactivates once you insert a memory card (similar to Xbox 4GB and PS3 12 gb).

Either way, I'll prob get one and keep my Oled when i want to see those beautiful colors!


Also the new one feels MUCH's a big let down in terms of feel...although it is more comfortable on the other hand.

Quality did take a slight backseat, similar to what we've seen from PSP 1000 to 2000, very plastic feel.

Seraphim1447d ago

The LED was always going to be a downside. You can't compete w/ OLED. It's just a shame OLED hasn't taken over the tv market like it should have by now. Only now are we seeing sets and those are astronomically priced. You can a top of the line Sony XBR 4k tv and still have a couple-few grand to spare. That being said I was thrilled Sony w/ OLED years back w/ the Vita and absolutely love the screen. I just can't wait until a 60-70" OLED screen is available reasonably so I can put one in the gaming room.

Th3o1447d ago

By that time we might see a technology shift and may see the gap between lcd and oled bridged, or at least a new tech come out:)

TheGrimReaper00111447d ago

No offence, but there is a reason why OLED didn't take over. The price.

Over here, a 300euro LED tv can cost 700euro as OLED tv. I luv OLED and the deep colors, but I'm not gonna fork over more than double the price for it

Seraphim1446d ago

Same as LCD. Think LCD was cheap at first? Original LCD sets were $3-5k, possibly more. That was for a 40" tv 8+ years ago. Bring it to market, eventually the more that are made the cheaper it becomes. OLED was suppose to be on the market several years ago. By now it should be more reasonably priced if it had been brought to market. I'd happily spend a little more for an OLED tv than an LED. But not until just recently has OLED even been offered and these tv's are $6-9k for a 55". I'm pretty sure this is the first year OLED has been made available in the US. I think 3 of the 4 are curved sets as well. Personally I will do my best to refuse buying any curved set. I'd happily fork over twice the price for OLED but I can not afford to. I'm not longer an early adopter willing to max out a credit card to buy something that costs as much as a decent used car. But you are certainly right. Thing is the average consumer isn't the early adopter buying these new products. The average consumer is the buyer who purchases these items after they've been established and have a more reasonable price. Instead of pushing 4k they should have started OLED. And the reason I say OLED should have taken over is because OLED was suppose to have been brought to the market years ago and by now they would be more affordable. Of course they'd now be competing w/ 4k tvs since even now I'd imagine OLED would cost a reasonable amount more than LED. Just frustrating they never made these because they're such a beautiful screen.

Vystrel1447d ago

It's meant to save Sony some money same as the super slim PS3. They maybe newer models but they don't necessarily replace the old one.

isarai1448d ago

Can't do without the OLED

Dchops1448d ago

The loss of the OLED is quite sad. Honestly I never had a problem with the price of the VITA itself. Now, those proprietary SD cards however...

kayoss1447d ago

Totally agree. I rather them get rid of the touch pad in the back instead of the oled. They need to give us bigger memory cards at a cheaper price. I only have 8gb left on my 64gb card. I realized for my vita I went full digital. You never go full digital. But those damn psn+ deals...

bjmartynhak1447d ago

Clickable sticks and triggers, those are the things I mosted wanted... Not upgrading for now. Good that the review mentioned it.

Th3o1447d ago

It wouldn't make sense to do them at this point since not all games support them and it would be a big middle finger to early adopters.

I could prob see them including it and saying instead of using onscreen buttons with this one devs can choose to give people option to use onscren or clickable.

I too would love that though!

kayoss1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

No one really using the back touch pad either. One update I would love is the page scrolling option. I hate how I have to hold the down button to scroll through my download list.

Tempest3171447d ago

They can't add or subtract features for a simple redesign, they can only adjust the features already in place.

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