Is Destiny In Trouble?

Simon O'Neill of VGamerz discusses why Destiny might be destined to fail.

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AGaryColemanClone1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Every hands-on preview I've seen has been basically 'meh'.

Don't see where people were expecting it to be anything special.

aviator1891200d ago

That's the vibe I'm feeling as well.

It's pretty much "very pretty, but does nothing new or exciting."

ZodTheRipper1200d ago

Well for a start it seems like a great coop shooter RPG, like an improved Borderlands. Also the fact that Activision is putting tons of money into the games production and marketing should give you an idea how confident they are in this title. I am 99% sure that it's fun to play your own character and explore the world, even more so with friends. I am not sure about the lasting appeal but I think that it will be worth it's money.

Unreal011200d ago


I couldn't agree more. This game is looking fantastic, I think the online coop is what makes it so appealing to me (I loved Borderlands).

It makes me wonder, what do people want in a game now a days? Or are they just moaning for the sake of it. Some great games have come out and are coming out, but apparently Titanfall, Watchdogs, Destiny, Advanced Warfare...all meh.

Eonjay1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

@Zob and Unreal

I agree with you both. I'm excited about being able to traverse the open areas by foot or bike. The different mission modes means there is always something to do whether in a team or alone. Also, the story seems very interesting. Plenty of room for growth, multiple classes to master. Events EVERY DAY.

There is too much manufactured hype either. I'm sure they will deliver.

To answer your question @Unreal, they are just moaning.

voodoochild3461199d ago

@Unreal01 was with you until you sneaked in Advanced Warfare and Titanfall into the mix. Advanced Warfare is a game the comes from a long line mediocre to bad games from the COD franchise. Just because they've finally stopped using the same engine and Kevin Spacey is making a cameo appearance should give you no reason to ignore past trends of the series getting progressively worse.

Titanfall is a mediocre over hyped game that is sparse with content despite being online only. Not to mention the fact that it is a competitive shooter with no recoil, a good amount if aim assist and brain dead AI whose sole purpose is make bad players feel good about themselves and make it easier for them to get killstreaks(another anti competitive mechanic).

At least Watchdogs is a new and unreleased ip and therefore has no history. Bungie has a long history of making solid games so they would deserve this benefit of the doubt if given.

frostypants1199d ago

I think the Halo crowd will love it. But I also think those of us who were unimpressed with Halo will have similar feelings towards Destiny.

4Sh0w1199d ago

I'm a huge Halo fan but after the latest trailer Destiny kind of did look very average for next gen so far but I got faith in Bungie and I'm hoping something they haven't showed yet will wow me and get me excited again.

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icaruslives1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

That's one of my worries. I think the game could really innovate, but Bungie is being so secretive that it's starting to hurt them. All the previews mention how they hardly got to see/play anything because it's 'not time'.

Well when is it going to be time? The beta is just about to come out!


Syleros1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I think people should embrace the good old days where you didn't play games till they were released. And you didn't know anything about the game until you opened the intruction booklet on the ride home, or you popped the cartridge in and played. It's really redeeming sometimes. I enjoy cracking into a game I know nothing about.

iDadio1199d ago

Thats a nice optimistic idea Syleros until you bring home Ride to Hell

DaylightChris1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

So is the E3 about to start next month and bungie will show more new Destiny footage,that will make us more hyped and finally showes to the others who are not following the game since announcement,that Destiny has much more to offer.I mean they just showed us a little taste of what actually the final game is going to be.

MultiConsoleGamer1200d ago

I know that feeling Gary.

And yet I'm told it has "record breaking" pre-orders.

I'll just have to wait and see, but for now, I'm just not interested.

HammadTheBeast1200d ago

I think it's been too hyped for its own good.

listenkids1200d ago

You haven't seen many previews then.

OrangePowerz1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Previews from playing the game for a very short time and only a tiny part of the full game. I wait till the Beta for my judgement.

MysticStrummer1199d ago

Having been involved in clunky betas that turned into good to great games, and great betas that turned into mediocre to bad games, I don't judge until the final product is available.

Tapani1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I get a feeling that Bungie is doing it again. Three quick reasons I recognize from Destiny that should make it a success:

1) It's all about gameplay while being pretty
2) The best, biggest and deepest realization of Borderlands' "3D diablo-loot system FPS game" (those games sold a lot, so there's a market there)
3) Activision throws 500m usd to the franchise and we haven't still even seen the story (they must be convinced it's that good)

I see the ROI (return on investment) big on this one. This could be the biggest NEW thing that hits while sweeping some market % for itself.

Just my opinions. Let's all hope it's really good!

mark3214uk1200d ago

guess the xbots are starting these articles because destiny is set to be massive and there partnered with sony

you will see a lot of these threads popping up

Kribwalker1199d ago

You do realize MS still owns an unknown equity in bungie since their split right?

Just like MS does with androids, they are set to make a bunch of money on a multiplatform destiny. Just saying before you get your panties in a knot

TRD4L1fe1199d ago

So pathetic. And the fact you got agrees is even worse. I'm purchasing this game on the XB1 and I couldn't begin to tell you how excited I am. I could care less if Sony gets special content

Magicite1200d ago

good marketing can do wonders

Death1199d ago

I'm going to treat Bungie like they have treated the Xbox fanbase. I'm giving them my full support and picking it up second hand/used.

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TheXgamerLive1199d ago

More than likely the game will be a huge success. The world and its battles are dynamic and done perfectly. The match systems look excitWill easily be a GOTY contender i feel.
The preorders alao tell this story.

TheRedButterfly1199d ago

As for me, I'm excited simply because I'm a sci-fi buff and love almost everything Sci-fi. That, and it's Bungie. Outside of those two things, I'm rather "meh," so I get where you're coming from.

r3f1cul1199d ago

activision dumping tons of money into a game doesnt guarantee success... they have dropped more money into every cod and that franchise has been declining in sales for the past 3 years now with no end in sight...

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Godmars2901200d ago

It essentially being from Activision is enough for me.

But then I would have rather seen the assests of this shooter-MMO done as a singleplayer RPG based on exploration and interactive factions of friends and enemies.

icaruslives1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Do you think they'll just abuse the franchise until it burns and dies like Guitar Hero?

Godmars2901200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I don' think that I'm a fan of neither MMOs or Activision. Just making a comment and expressing an opinion.

Jughead34161200d ago

Destiny isn't an MMO. Bungie has repeated this in almost all their interviews.

incendy351200d ago

Although nothing they have shown has blown me away, everything they have shown looks really good. I am definitely buying it, every gamer I know at this point is planning on buying it. I think it will do pretty well overall. Will it sell 15 million copies? I think it will, especially since it will be one of a very few amount of big titles coming out on X360 and PS3 this holiday.

I would say it is destined to do really well.

GarrusVakarian1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I'm having the same reaction as you, i think it looks very good, but nothing that had made me say "Wow! I NEED this!". I am buying it day one regardless though, 2 of my friends are buying PS4's especially for this game. It should be great, it's been a while since ive played a game co-op (Borderlands 2 was the last).