Apparently, Titanfall Includes Hidden Loch Ness Monsters

Hardcore Gamer: If there's one thing we wouldn't expect to be in Titanfall, it's the Loch Monster. Dragons? Of course. Obama? Yup. But our gigantic Scottish friend/foe? Not so much. Apparently, however, he's been in the game all along under our noses.

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ValKilmer1479d ago

Wow, I can't believe I never noticed Nessie. Adorable.

JackOfAllBlades1479d ago

We're gonna need a bigger boa..err.. Titan..

MasterD9191479d ago

I agree with Val Kilmer.

JackOfAllBlades1479d ago

"easy to miss in such a past faced game"

"past faced"

JackOfAllBlades1479d ago

And it's fixed, no more me gusta

HugoDrax1479d ago

Hahahaha! I'm currently a GEN5, and have never noticed this lol. Pretty cool!