EA Q4 FY14 Results Released, Signals Massive Success for Publisher

The EA Q4 FY14 results were just released for EA and things could not be looking better for the publisher. Calendar year-to-date, EA continues to be the number one publisher on PS4 and Xbox one thanks to the sales of FIFA 14, Titanfall, Battlefield 4 (the three of which were in the top five best-selling titles across all platforms), Need for Speed Rivals and Madden 25.

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ValKilmer1447d ago

Wow, I knew EA was successful, but these are some monster statistics. Kinda scary that they are basically controlling what we play.

Axios21447d ago

TitanFall bringing home the big numbers

MasterCornholio1447d ago

I didn't see any sales statistics in the article. All it said was that Titanfall, Fifa14 and Battlefield 4 were their best selling games.

I have no idea what the actual numbers are.

NewMonday1447d ago


hiding Titanfall numbers proves it was failing commercially.

modesign1447d ago

you have to lump in the $150 million microsoft paid for exclusivity.

Eonjay1447d ago

"Mobile revenue set a new EA record, contributing nearly $460 million for the fiscal year. Shockingly, EA’s Ultimate Team services generated more than $380 million in fiscal year 2014, with Madden Ultimate Team growing 90% year-over-year."

They made nearly 1 billion on mobile games and Madden. Thats crazy.

DLConspiracy1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


For a game to be in the top 3 that is only on 3 platforms and the others it's competing against are on 5 platforms? That's a failure? Something seems off big time. You do realize how many games EA puts out right?

**edit** keep in mind this is an article about EA and NOT Titanfall. So numbers are for EA. Hopefully they will show them soon though. I am curious.

BitbyDeath1447d ago

Titanfall is probably still under a million since they haven't announced it being any higher yet. EA must be kicking themselves over that deal.

ma1asiah1447d ago

920,000 copies sold between 11 March and 31 March 2014 for Titanfall. Remember this was just for the Xbox One and PC. Since the Xbox 360 version did not release until April.

This is for anyone who wanted actual figures

This is what was reported on Gamesbeat

BitbyDeath1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

@ma1asiah, good on them. I stand corrected, must have missed that news.

ma1asiah1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I don't know how many people follow @jonshiring or @Joystiq on Twitter but he just tweeted in response to @joystiq, that the 920,000 copies of Titanfall sold, was based on copies sold in North America ONLY for the Xbox One and PC.

It also does not include digital copies.

That is why for all my gaming news that is hot of the press well I can never fault Twitter

christocolus1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


That's some good numbers. EA will remain the richest 3rd party publisher for a very long time. They have a huge catalogue and the most no of ips and sports franchises to their name. I'm glad titanfall did good actually. Its actually still topping charts and should be close to 2mil now or above that and I'm guessing EA/respawn are very happy about that,atleast the sucess of titanfall will ensure that gamers get to see a sequel down the line.

Great job EA.

ALLWRONG1447d ago

So much fear over Titanfall success.

BX811447d ago

Actually if you got to there is an article saying xb1 and PC numbers are 925,000.

DLConspiracy1447d ago


I agree. I am very happy for Respawn. They have really been very attentive with their fans and shown us a lot. This game is beyond platforms. It's a new IP and it can only get better from here on out.

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-Foxtrot1447d ago

This is why EA can do what they want, because they know there games would still sell well regardless.

venom061447d ago

they're not controlling what you play, you are... But it is good to see that they're doing good. Compeition is ALWAYS a good thing in the gaming world, and both them and Activision will continue to pressure each other for quality titles in the future.

ValKilmer1447d ago

I can't stop from playing Titanfall. It's been hammered down my throat so much how awesome it was, I was basically forced to throw down $60 at GameStop lest I be thought of as uncool.

BillytheBarbarian1447d ago

If only Activision could team up with 2k and make the ultimate football game.

g-0ff1447d ago

This is what happens when EA puts their money behind new IP. I just wish they'd take more risks more often.

modesign1447d ago

they made most of their cash from battlefield, fifa, madden, need for speed.

Dlacy13g1447d ago

"FIFA 14, Titanfall, Battlefield 4 (the three of which were in the top five best-selling titles across all platforms"

I am pretty sure they made a chunk of money from Titanfall too if its top 5 and only ran on 3 platforms compared to the others that were on 4 or more platforms.

DLConspiracy1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

They didn't say totals but they did say in which order.

"thanks to the sales of FIFA 14, Titanfall, Battlefield 4 (the three of which were in the top five best-selling titles across all platforms"

That's not bad for a game (Titanfall) that was only on 3 platforms to fight with the big boys. When the others were on 5 different platforms.

OrangePowerz1447d ago

I have my doubts that's the actuall order. If Titanfall would have outsold BF4 they would have been bragging about it how much it sold.

DLConspiracy1447d ago

Yeah but this isn't about Titanfall. It's about EA.

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