Will the PS4 survive without Sony?

Sony is delighted due to PlayStation’s performance recently, with the PS4 selling more than 7 million consoles worldwide since its launch last year. However, it is a completely different story for Sony. Unlike the rivals such as Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony’s console is doing rather well, already outselling the Wii U which has been out for more than a year now and leaving Microsoft in the dust, but even the PS4′s stunning success may not save Sony.

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Lowsnamebrand1507d ago

Wow the fact people believe Sony is going under is amazing to me, this article was grasping at straws immensely.

On a side note who put Google in front of their websites name?

-Foxtrot1507d ago

I googled quake and got nothing that I didn't already know.

Speed-Racer1507d ago is coming soon. Don't worry!

jk I don't work for this site.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I guess because the Playstation brand is doing good now with the PS4 some people have to go after the Sony brand instead

Like Example:

"So what if PS4 is doing good, Sony as a company is going under, so it's doom for the PS4 anyway."

Before they would say that Playstation brand was going under because the PS3 was selling poorly.

AsimLeonheart1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Multinational corporations rarely go down under. Even the worst performing companies continue to exist for decades. For example, Kodak and Konica still exist despite the demise of photographic films and shift to digital imaging. Why do people even have to consider that Playstation will have to exist without Sony. It is their most successful division; it is their bread and butter right now. Even if Sony fails to revive their other divisions, they can just transform into a videogame company and sell the rest of the divisions. Sony IS Playstation.

Saigon1507d ago

I did not read the article and truly didn't want to. My only question, is why as of late there are a lot of backend websites that are writing these doom and gloom articles for bothe the PS4 and XBO. Honestly where are they coming from. Grant it, I understand that some of these discussions are being held in the gaming community, but its not something being discussed elsewhere. We as gamers do not know the true impact of the red line for Sony and MS (mainly because each companies redline is different for them, meaning what's good at Sony might be bad at MS and what's considered bad at MS may be good in Sony eyes) and we really should not care as long as they keep pumping out the games.

truefan11507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

NO, playstation needs the resources generated from sony's other businesses. Nintendo is the only true gaming company as they survive as a stand alone company.

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gameon19851507d ago

the same can be said for people who believe Microsoft will sell off the Xbox brand. The thing is Sony IS going broke. while Microsoft is continuing to invest even more money into the Xbox brand.

URNightmare1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

There is so much wrong in your comment.

The thing is SHAREHOLDERS AT MICROSOFT want to get rid of the Xbox division.

The thing is NOBODY AT SONY wants to get rid of Playstation.

Think and analyze things before making such comments.

Xdone1507d ago

A corporation of the size of Microsoft can't even beat weakened Sony... Shame eh?

slivery1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You can have fun with Microsoft and their misleading lying asses, you really can. I don't care how much money they have, they are by far one of the worst companies around and don't give a rats ass about their consumers.

They have been caught in so many lies and somehow people just forgive them over and over again. I mean they got sued for lying about the sales of their tablets, how pathetic. Once again they have been pulling the same crap with the Xbox One since it isn't outperforming the PS4.

More illusions trying to smooth over consumers, trying to trick them into buying their products as if they are the most popular around.. Such a pathetic company, all that money and they can't do anything better than resort to misleading people.

I believe reputation is far more important than anything in the long run and simply being humble, Microsoft is ruining what little reputation they have left if any at all and they have never been humble.

Microsoft better pray that someday someone doesn't make an OS that finally puts Windows to rest because they will be up shit creek then, knowing them though they will just buy them out or do everything in their power to insure that never happens. No one really likes Microsoft as it is, the only reason people put up with them is because their basically isn't anything else for now.

Sony admits they made past mistakes, Sony isn't ashamed to tell you they are doing poorly in some places and need to make changes, all the while people praise Microsoft for what? Being rich and greedy? Off your money, while treating you like shit... Yea, they deserve so much praise...

Now I am not going to say Sony or any other company cares about every person individually and personally that buys their products but Sony actually does care about what they are doing for their customers and what the provide. Microsoft is always only about money, they have no balance, no humility, they treat their fan base like they are nothing more than dollar signs. The only time they make it seem like they care is when? When they see their money is at risk.

Just like the Xbox One could not be changed, everyone at Microsoft was preaching that, it was impossible to change, remember? Then what happened, they actually saw the public's real rage first hand and they were like holy shit! We might actually have a real problem here.. This could greatly affect our sales.. I guess we can flip that switch now..

That is why I will always prefer Nintendo and Sony and I will never respect Microsoft until they actually start respecting the people who shell out the cash to even keep them afloat. This world is messed up enough as it is then we got these asshole companies like Microsoft who have to try to make things even worse than they are.

Whether anyone owns an Xbox One, I seriously can not understand for the life of me even if you did, how you could have faith in such a company.

slivery1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

"Microsoft is continuing to invest even more money into the Xbox brand."

This just proves me point even further, really? Not enough apparently, according to everyone Sony is broke as a joke but they can manage to make a system better built and more powerful than a company that has far more resources and money than they do? You have the audacity to act like Microsoft is funneling that much money into the Xbox brand? Give me a break, what they are putting into the brand is chump change to them.

They could be doing so much more...but just like CoD and Activision, they make all this damn money and barely put any of it into making their products the best. As I have said before with the amount of money and the popularity that CoD has, it should be the best FPS in the world hands down but it is so far from that its sad that people continually throw money at them. Same goes with the Xbox, they have so much money, it should be the best and most powerful console to ever have graced human kind... but these companies are far too greedy to invest that much money into that nor do they care that much about their consumer to give them the best product they can possibly afford.

They just give them the cheapest product they can afford, while Sony struggles and still manages to provide their consumers with the best they can offer... Funny how that works but then again that comes back to actually caring about what you provide to people and not just caring about how much money you can make from them.

MasterCornholio1507d ago

Actually since the Playstation brand is their most sucessful division they are increasing investment in it to turn out a greater profit. Why would Sony reduce investment in one of the most successful areas of their firm?

Army_of_Darkness1507d ago


But.... Titanfall is.... Is... So much fun!!! That We all must forgive and forget any of MS's previous greedy intentions from the day that game released! Because.... It's so much... Fun.

extermin8or1507d ago

Microsoft spinning off the xbox brand is not the same as sony going under for statters those rumours have an actual basis and are realistic. Whatever excuse given Bill Gates wpuld not have said that IF the new CEO wanted to do so he'd support the decision unless it had been discussed at sone point. They've said that FOR THE TIME BEING this wont be happening. Doesnt mean it wouldnt hapoen and it wouldn't be the end of xbox... in many ways it might be good for the brand to distance itself abit from microsofts core company after the recent PR fall out that happened last year...

Death1507d ago


Playstation is Sony's most successful division? It accounted for 0.2% of the companies bottom line last year. In 2002 Playstation accounted for 11%. By 2005 it was 0.9% followed by losses for 4 years. Sony makes the bulk of their money selling insurance and in financing.

By all means back up your statement with something based on reality. The Xbox brand has been profitable for years. Why would share holders want it dropped? Sony has been losing money for 8 years. Now is the best time to sell off Playstation and reinvest the money into the company.

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miyamoto1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I call flamebait.
Is this a kind of FUD article?

Even if PlayStation is the only brand left Sony and PlayStation will be inseperable.

I am a strong supporter of Google, Apple, & PlayStation with a passion but this author does not seem to use his sense of common sense when it comes to companies especially Japanese ones.

Just in the realm of video games for examples
Sega Sammy
Bandai Namco
Activision Blizzard
etc etc

How about the "there's always a bigger fish" thing like Google absorbs YouTube, Android, or Motorola mobile, etc etc.

If people will just use their heads and brains.

Sony will keep the PlayStation brand as long as its doing phenomenal. Sony and PlayStation is what I call destiny. PlayStation used to be the underdog at Sony Corp now look at its marvelous transformation from underdog subsidiary to one of Sony Corp's pillars.

Even if PlayStation is the only brand left Sony and PlayStation will be inseperable.

DefenderOfDoom21507d ago

reply to slivery 2nd bubble// first you should read my 1st bubble down below. In case you did not read the my first bubble. I am huge uber fan of SONY ! I just want point out that using ACTIVISION in your debate seems weird because they just said they invested 500million dollars towards DESTINY which is a new IP. I am really looking forward to that game and i am glad that more money is not going towards making "CALL of DUTY the best FPS on the planet" also i do think that ACTIVISION puts a lot money towards the COD series of games! Even the reviewers who hate COD, usually say COD games are polished and offer a lot of different game modes, even though they do not play them. I am pretty sure when they made the movie WATERWORLD they were spending a lot of money producing that movie, thinking it was going to be epic> and we all know how that came out ! Other than the ACTIVISION reference, i pretty much agreed with everything else you said about SONY and MICROSOFT! CHEERS

Lightning Mr Bubbles1507d ago

Why would the PS4 ever be without Sony? Sony is the company that makes it... so that doesn't make sense.

showtimefolks1507d ago

if sony was going under it would have happened by now, When Kaz took over sony was in deep trouble. Now its starting to recover and PlayStation brand is at the forefront of sony moving forward

its amazing that people want less competition, sony vs ms is so good for gamers because they have to compete for our hard earned money. If one goes under the other has no reason to try hard

ps4 by december 31st 2014 will be passed 14-15 million consoles sold, keep hating because now fanboys have nothing else so they are hoping/wishing for sony to go under

Did you know the investors over at MS aren't happy with xbox brand in general, a lot of them have been pushing for MS to sell xbox brand. Yes MS makes a lot of money(billion upon billions)but not much of that comes from xbox division

please be gamers first and stop being fanboys. All this talk from both sony and ms about we will focus on games at E3 should make us so excited. Best time to be a gamer and here we are discussing a company going under

Ck1x1507d ago

Reading your statement, you should never be in other doom and gloom articles slinging mudd about WiiU or XbOne!

joab7771507d ago

I dont understand Sony's philosophy with their TVs and Smartphones. With the PS4 they market to gamers at a cheap price but everywhere else its the ps3 mind set that still remains.

Create a cheaper TV line. Playstation owners would love to buy them, as would many others. They can compete with Samsung. Also, group with Verizon. Their smartphones r great but im not paying $800 for one of them.
They can keep their cameras high end and their audio equipment the same but they have to get back in the game with Tvs and smartphones.

extermin8or1507d ago

They are spinning off tv section and are selling pc business. Mobile area was last I heard actually very profitable... over here in the uk and eu the xperia phones are often slightly cheaper than their samsung counterparts and equal them in most soecs (arguably the camera tech and software in them is better) they also kicked off the whole water and dust proof thing andnare selling pretty well. All samrtphones seemnto come in about the same price off contract-650 pounds so thats actually probably slightly more than the $800 It is in isa... (and people complained about viya's price -_-)

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Magicite1507d ago

Japan government wont let Sony go down, if it comes to it, Sony will sell off all the dead weight, like divisions which bring no profit.
World without Sony would not be the same :)

Ck1x1507d ago

You're not serious!
The Japanese aren't going to bailout Sony if the business continues to tank.

ITPython1507d ago

The PlayStation division of Sony is one of, if not the, most profitable of their entire corporation. If Sony needs to cut the fat under extremely rare circumstances, PlayStation will be one of the things they actually keep.

Worst case scenario it will be PlayStation and Sony Pictures Entertainment. But I seriously doubt Sony will even reach this point in the next 2-3 decades. The doom and gloom around Sony is just downright pathetic and unwarranted. I feel bad for those trying to make it a reality.

If anybody should be worried, it's Microsoft. Windows 8 is the biggest flop since... ever. And it's unlikely they will recuperate from it's failure. And the XB1 is failing beyond fail. If we should be worrying about any company folding, it should be MS. They are pretty much screwed in the OS department if they don't do a MASSIVE renovation/abort on Windows 8 (which they wont do). And without their OS division, they are done for.

kpjrose1507d ago

They make a ton of money out of Office don't forget, they own that market.

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HammadTheBeast1507d ago

Here's the thing: PS4 is bringing Sony in money. So more like, if PS4 goes down, Sony goes down.

Yes, I know its not their biggest division, but at least it works for now.

BG115791507d ago

At this point, it would be better to ask, would Sony survive without the PS4?
That's how good PS4's numbers are.

sAVAge_bEaST1507d ago

Submitted by your local 9YBCW. "XB1M13"

Soldierone1507d ago

Isn't the amount of money Sony estimated to lose only a couple hundred million in USD? Yeah that isn't that much for a massive company like Sony.

They had projected a massive profit, but costs from dropping the PC market and revamping the TV market cut into their earnings so they revered it and said they will be losing a little.

Yet, like usual, typical business talk from Sony is mis-reported as "omg they gon don fail!" No, either learn how big business' function, or just stop trying to touch something you know nothing about.

Kiwi661507d ago

they added another $200 million usd to make the total $1.27 billion usd loss for the financial year when they were predicting to make about a $485 million profit but things changed hence the loss

extermin8or1507d ago

Yeah they lost salrs sftrr announcing ditching of vaio and blu ray sales drcreased faster than expectrd in europe so thry were left with more blu rays manufactured than they will now need for the immediate future. Spinning off tv must cost abit too but that may be yet to come. They made a profit last year and its still a massive improvement from the $6billion loss they made year before kaz stepped in.

Ck1x1507d ago

This is how the media spins bad news! The company announced they are to lose over a billion dollars and you think their only losing millions. What I don't understand is how people assume if they turn a blind eye towards this kind of news, it will some how go away.

joeorc1507d ago

You and others are just as bad as the media! Its clear you and others do not really want to put out the real truth to go along with the cost involved in restructuring shows exactly why Sony has this loss! And as they are getting those costs out of the way now to offset these type of losses for future growth. The fact is after the spin off of tv an pc sales they will net sony a savings of over a billion in operating expenses. The fact that was in the same report says to me that if you . Are talking about the loss in money an finance but you want to talk about the losses mounting up, yeah lets talk about the losses mounting up 9 billion loos in 9 straight years for and yet that is just Sony only talking about the Tv section alone, and yet a hedge fund holder with 7% controlling stake in Sony was voted No by the board to take the entertainment arm public!

Not with some votes yes the entire freaking board said No on any public offering of the entertainment arm pf Sony, stop trying to think of this like it is in the markets of the west, its not. 40 years, over 40 [email protected] years an no japanese company the size of sony has ever had a hostile take over by a non japanese investment group. Its not happening.

If any thing Sony with its over 148,000 + employed japanese people(mainly) those who are japanese view western hedge funds as corp vultures! Not only do not like it but also despise the practice of operating that way.

You and others have quite a bit to learn about how they operate in japan that much is very clear. Do not think im telling the truth just ask dan loeb im sure he can , provide you with some enlightenment on the situation, the fact he is no longer listed as one of the highest investment firms in Sony shows he even has less power for demands than he had when he has had 7% stake.

The real truth to be very blunt to even entertain the idea that Sony will be going bankrupt anytime soon is quite amusing to say the least.

Its not going bankrupt with over 148 billion in assets, you and others will be waiting for a very , very and again a very long Time and you would still see Sony still keep a hold of playstation!

Soldierone1506d ago

Big companies report this all the time, then turn around and make billions! It happens.

Nintendo just reported a 500 million dollar loss, and they are much smaller than Sony, yet no one is freaking out that Nintendo will go away.....

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