Microsoft Announces E3 Briefing – Do We Still Need to Go to These?

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "Alas this is never going to change; the video game industry is destined to forever be led by people with little charisma or desire to speak in front of large groups, yet they keep throwing their representatives out on stage and we keep sending ours to watch them drone on about some new peripheral while (let’s be honest) all we care about are trailers for upcoming AAA games."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Yea lets just doing everything fun. /s

Look these things are what I really look forward to being excited about being a gamer. So IMO yes E3 needs to continue. E3 is where competition goes head to head and it's exciting as hell.

kalkano1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

It would be exciting, if good games were ever announced. I think the last E3 that I gave a crap about is the year that Final Fantasy 9 and 10 were both announced (didn't care about 11).

shivvy241315d ago

1 month guys !! so pumped !!

HammadTheBeast1315d ago

E3 is the biggest event in gaming, we need it to make the biggest announcements when everyone's listening.

maniacmayhem1315d ago

"...yet they keep throwing their representatives out on stage and we keep sending ours to watch them..."

This is why I don't care if Nintendo does their conference via Direct. It makes no difference since 90% of here only care about the games and most of us will not be at E3 anyways.

(Except for me, i'll be there.)

creatchee1315d ago

I like the crowd reactions though (whether they are piped through the speakers or not).

Mr Pumblechook1315d ago

This will be the E3 briefing that wins back all the loyal American fans of Microsoft! Your patience will be rewarded!
* 24 hour DRM is a thing of the past!
* New Halo that requires 24hour internet to access exclusive features!
* New Fable that requires 24hour internet to access exclusive features!
* New Forza Horizon that requires 24hour internet to access exclusive features!
* Exclusive games from Japanese developers that like the smell of money hats!
* CGI Gears trailer!
* PlayStation style indies on stage - but no parity clause reversal.
* Moneyhat DLC!
* Moneyhat exclusive voice control in games!
* No mention of TV, TV, TV. This will be about GAMES, GAMES, GAMES.
* Phil Spencer is such a nice guy, you can believe him. You can trust him.
* Microsoft will prove to you all that Games is their focus -2013 is just a distant memory.

And you will lap it up like the girl who keeps getting beaten up by her abusive boyfriend then runs back to him saying "he said he's sorry and won't ever do it again and I really believe him this time. He's changed."

Gunstar751315d ago

Thank you for defining "Troll" for us

Ron_Danger1315d ago


There aren't too many 6 bubble trolls here. There are a lot of people here, though, that look at what pumble wrote and don't recognize the patern from past E3 conferences.

Spikes14711315d ago

Are you really comparing abuse with a Corporation? Patheticc

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Clown_Syndr0me1315d ago

E3 is exciting stuff, I love watching it. I hope one day I can actually go!

xSHADOWx1315d ago

I Literally get SO pumped as we draw nearer to e3 ever year.

Sony exceed expectations most of the time too, the amount of effort they put into their presentations are flawless. :)

Errefus1315d ago

Yes and Yes, the excitement we get when we see a loved franchise making a return or new IP that look "Awesome".

I been watching E3 media briefings since last gen and i always gets excited and happy those days, i even called in sick from work before or missed school... This is what us gamers like and i wish E3 was open to the Public but im still hopeful one day it will happen.

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