Hands-On: The Old City Is An Ambitious Journey To Challenge Gaming [EGMR]

EGMR writes: "The uprising, or surge, of artistic indie games has been an ever-growing trend in modern gaming. It often splits audiences, as some appreciate the different expressions of an art form we all love, while others dismiss the games for their lack of gameplay and potential to be pretentious. Personally, I welcome all of these games because I simply dismiss the idea that gaming should be bounded by any restrictions, and like any other art form it is free to be anything or cater to anyone. As a result I believe that gaming, due to its unique interactivity that sets it apart from other forms of entertainment, and its relative infancy in comparison to other established media, is bounded only by limiters you put in place for it. In short, the more games that deviate from the norms, the more gaming will grow."

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