MLB 14: The Show Install Size Revealed On The PS4; Only 5 GB Required Before We Can Play It

GearNuke: "MLB 14: The Show was already a hefty download on the PS3, weighing in at about 20+ GB. It appers that the PS4 version is almost double the size of the PS3 version, and is now finally up on the official SEN store."

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Neonridr1356d ago

That's huge. Does having a physical copy take up as much space on the HD as having the digital copy?

Neonridr1356d ago

man.. 500GB ain't gonna last, lol

XtraTrstrL1356d ago

Yeah, I'm holding off as long as I can, so prices can go down and 2TB can become more readily available in 2.5 inch drives. Once they really start getting all the big games broken down like this one or even better, where you need to download less than 2GB to start playing, it won't be that bad even if you don't upgrade from the 500GB internal. You can just delete something you aren't playing much, and if you wanna play it later, it should be a quick download before you can start it up.

dantesparda1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


You didnt know that on both systems, you have to install the whole game of the disc, so no space advantage over the digital download version.


2TB 2.5 HDDs have been readily available, what you need to be more readily available is 2TB 2.5 HDDs that are 9.5mm in height as anything bigger will no fit. But yes, the longer you wait the better (cheaper and more readily available)

No_Limit1356d ago

All physical copy of PS4 games are the same install size as their digital counterpart, if I am not mistaken. The disc is just used as a key to play the game but all the data should be install on the HDD the same. In this case, 37.5gb of Data will be installed on the HDD.

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psplova1356d ago

If I erase a game's data off my PS4 and then decide to re-buy it later, will I lose my gamesaves or will I just have to reinstall the game data like normal?

imt5581356d ago

Upload the save data for each game to cloud before deleting game. Just in case.

Sci0n1356d ago

No you will not lose your games save data, as a matter a fact I delete games out my rotation all the time that I am not interested in playing and have redownloaded and everything is still there. If you have a fairly decent internet with no monthly bandwith caps you can delete and reinstall as much as you like to save HD space.

theXtReMe11356d ago

Yeah, only 5 GB needed to start the game. Unfortunately, I get 90% through that on PSN and I keep getting server errors. Happened the last 10 times I tried to download it. Would be 60 70 80% done, sometimes over 90% done and BAM! server error. I've been trying to download it for two hours, since the file went up and the same things been happening every time. It's nothing on my end as everything else works just fine and I have hundred megabit Internet service, so it's not a speed issue.

First, the file doesn't show up at 12:01 AM, then it doesn't show up until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, only to have server errors when you try to download it. Sony does a great job with these day one digital downloads. The way it's going, I'll be lucky if I see it on day two or three, by the time they get things straightened out.

Definitely worth the day I took off for it. I could only think a vacation in North Korea would be better than the day I spent trying to download this game. :)

tracyllrkn1356d ago

I was almost finish with the initial 5GB, and the damn PS4 just randomly disconnects from the internet. I try to resume the download, and it won't even let me. I really want to throw this thing out the window right now.

xJumpManx1356d ago

Wow that was a long install time on par with NBA 2k14 for longest install time.