Deep Silver Announcing Two New AAA Games At E3

The publisher behind 'Dead Island', 'Saint's Row', and 'Metro: Last Light' has two new AAA games to show off at E3 next month.

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Abash1294d ago

Hopefully a new DarkSiders and Saints Row

Convas1294d ago

Where's the Bro-Fist button ...

sonypsnow1294d ago

I want the next Saint's Row to have a Great Single Player game and online SandBox MMO multiplayer.

GarrusVakarian1294d ago

I would love a new Darksiders.

MegaRay1294d ago Show
PrinceOfAllSaiyans1294d ago

And hopefully PS4/XB1 only. Its time to leave the last era behind.

Deividas1293d ago

I would like to see some new IP's personally. Start of a new gen needs some new franchises to get up from the ground.

KrisButtar1294d ago

Those would be the 2, I'm hoping for as well.

NYC_Gamer1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Nordic Games are the ones who bought Darksiders from THQ..It's very doubtful to expect an announcement on that franchise from Deep Silver.

Palitera1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

"The publisher behind 'Dead Island', 'Saint's Row', and 'Metro: Last Light'". And also, as you said, Darksiders.

ANY two of these would make me very happy.

Couldn't it be Sacred 3 as well?

Skate-AK1294d ago

Don't think it is Sacred 3. That has already been announced.

-Foxtrot1294d ago

Hopefully a Saints Row game which goes back to it's good old days.

It's a new gen they may aswell reboot it, start fresh.

iDadio1294d ago

Penetrator in 1080p, one can only hope

Errefus1293d ago

Plz let it be a DarkSiders game

majiebeast1293d ago

Dark Siders isnt owned by Deep Silver but Nordic Games.

showtimefolks1293d ago

Nordic Games bought darksiders IP not deep silver

but who am i kidding i would love to be able to get a new darksiders game, first one was very good but 2nd was excellent. Nordic Games said after buying the IP that they are looking for the right partner to develop future Darksiders games

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NYC_Gamer1294d ago

I hope 4A reveals something new along side Metro:Redux

joshmille991294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

One of these has to be from the Volition team, right?

Dark111294d ago

A new metro or new IP from 4A games will be great.

HavokPants1294d ago

they can make it that saints row 5 could be set in a parallel universe or it was the coma the whole time

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The story is too old to be commented.