The Sims 4 gets 18+ Rating in Russia due to Anti-Gay laws

The upcoming Life Simulation game from Electronic Arts, The Sims 4 has just received an 18+ rating in Russia.

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CaptainFaisal1479d ago

18+ ! They did the right thing but they're Russians they dont care about age restriction lol. It should even be rated R for Russian ^^

-Foxtrot1479d ago


If they are so behind the gay community EA shouldn't release it in the country untill its a standrad rating. Simple as that.

Russia have been taking a lot of step backs in recent years

Th3o1478d ago

And birds go tweet.

Currency still exists in Russian even if homosexual freedoms don't.

Am I missing something? Since when is EA morally influenced? Ever....

Call_Me_Boris1477d ago

Agree with you. Great suggestion. I guess it's not possible to have all parts of the world fair, but people should move forward. I though most modern societies were past this type of thing. Guess not. Shame!!!

TyBREAKR1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

The Russians think homosexuality is morally wrong. Why be intolerant of intolerance?

AntsPai1478d ago

To be fair, any other game where you can have sex with most characters in the game, make people piss themselves, burn people alive, drown people, beat up strangers, steal, abuse your children so social services have to come in not to mention all the other things you can do in the sims, like slavery and much more, would have an 18+

I'm joking obviously but never actually thought about the horrible things you can do until now :o

MysticStrummer1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Oh yeah. I've been playing the PS3 version of Sims 3 lately, and I've been considering locking my wife in a spare room and starving her to death.

Porcelain_Chicken1478d ago

That's nothing, back in Sims: Bustin' out, i'd lock in my kids (virtual kids of course), the mail man and i'd "force" a robbery. I'd then lock the thief in along with the others and leave them there in a small room with nothing but a stove. They'd eventually turn on said stove, start a fire & die.

I'd then move out, re-marry & start over @[email protected] Yup, I have more issues than Rolling Stone.

MysticStrummer1478d ago

LOL Nice… or maybe not… but funny.

I've always been a fan of having a small room in the middle of the house, luring a sim in there to do something, then taking the door away, putting a window in it's place, and letting my sim watch the trapped one starve to death in a room with no bed, toilet, etc.

SoreLoser1477d ago

You guys are really giving me some nasty ideas! Shame on you guys. That said, I can't wait for some sims 4.

LightDiego1478d ago

Vladimir Putin is a wonderful man, a great leader, he is my hero.
Putin for the president of the world!

Shinox1478d ago

A dictatorship becomes a great leader , are you people lose your minds !
President of the world !???
What is wrong with people these days
LightDiego , i swear there's something really wrong with your brain , your opinions always comes out of nowhere and its not even funny , its stupid

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The story is too old to be commented.