New OLED Technology Could See OLED Screens Return To The PS Vita

A breakthrough in OLED Manufacturing technology could see OLED screens returning to the Playstation Vita.

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buffalo10661506d ago

it was an odd move that they removed it in the first place. Most reviews for the first gen vita pointed out that the OLEd screen was awesome and it is awesome..but could do with being a higher resolution.
I know sony did it to save money but cut backs should effect the quality of the device

NerdBurglars1506d ago

it was an unexpected move for sony. its like the ps3 with the ps2 support all over again where the first gen model has become more highly sought after because it is better than all the newer models.

TomShoe1506d ago

As long as they keep it cheap. More Vitas in the hands of owners is a good thing.

zeuanimals1506d ago

The newer models are better at certain things though.

The slim PS3 (not super slim, though maybe that one too, not sure) PS3 was much quieter than the first and second fat models and they have a lower chance of having hardware problems. The newer models aren't backwards compatible, though.

The new Vita model has a better battery life, it's lighter, and the ergonomics are a bit better (I mean the finger rest on the back is bigger which is good for games that require it since you can more easily rest your fingers on the back without touching the touchpad), at the cost of the screen.

Conzul1506d ago

Yeah I hope they do a 3000-model with OLED and IP58 and an Xperia camera, etc. Keep the 2000 model for the budget buyers, and go out with a bang.

JackOfAllBlades1505d ago

Exactly, I love my original OLED Vita, and my backwards compatible phat PS3

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XiSasukeUchiha1506d ago

Unexpected news: Sony surprising us again!

PrimeGrime1506d ago

I doubt we would see it anytime soon, maybe in the next revision.

nope1111506d ago

I hope so. I know i'll have to replace my OLED Vita eventually, but i really don't want the LCD models.

I'm far too adjusted to the OLED screen. The difference is staggering to me.

hkgamer1506d ago

Judging by peoples reaction's. Slim does seem to have a poor LCD. But I actually hope that the next one would have a better LCD instead of having Samsung's AMOLED.

AMOLED or the so called OLED for vita is ugly in my eyes. Though I am a little colour blind, the AMOLED just spits out these weird colours.

Inception1506d ago

Yeah. After tasted OLED Vita, my feeling for LCD never the same again. It's like when i replaced my CRT TV with HDTV. You never look back again.

NerdBurglars1506d ago

the vibrant colors are enough to make anyone fall in love with it. it was a shocker of a move by sony really so it would be awesome to see it return.
when ps4 games look just as nice on a high end 1080p tv as they do on a low resolution oled screen you know they did something right by picking oled. it sucks they removed it

kayoss1506d ago

That's why I bought 3 ps vitas with the oled screens. One for the wife. Two for me.

Tapani1506d ago

I'm with you! Had an option to get the new model from Japan, but decided to get it locally here in Europe just for the screen. Not a fan of LCD, always been a plasma/dlp projector/oled dude :)

buffalo10661506d ago

Im the same i absolutely love OLED! it seems to make everything look amazing! it gives off better colors than a lot of high end TVs. The original vita screens do tend to have a weird bubble effect when the screen is black though but it isnt that big of a deal

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stragomccloud1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Good, because I adore the screens on the original Vita.

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