Nintendo's 'Mario Kart 8' Demonstrates The Folly Of The 1080p Debate

From the looks of it, Mario Kart 8 is shaping up to be an incredibly gorgeous game. Eurogamer has a new video out that showcases the remade Mario Kart tracks compared to their original versions, and the results are absolutely stunning.

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Neonridr1415d ago

Nintendo's IP's tend to lean to a more cartoony art style sure, but that shouldn't take anything away from what MK8 is achieving. The lighting, effects, on screen action and minute details to every track are beautiful to look at and show that Nintendo really puts a lot of effort into their titles. 1080p native or 720p upscaled to 1080p shouldn't have to be debated as this game is already a beauty to look at.

Is it Drive club or Forza? No, of course not, those games are simulation games aiming at realism. This is a game designed to just be fun.

MightyNoX1415d ago

Exactly. Art style is timeless. If anything MK8 is FOR the 1080p debate. If Wii U can achieve these miracles why can't Xbo?

When you don't have art style, you compensate with graphics. Sadly, the console this piece is attempting to protect has neither.

mikeslemonade1415d ago

This doesn't mean anything. WiiU is still an overpowered PS3 in overall performance.

Bundi1415d ago

Funny you should say that since MK8 leaves PS4 as the only console without a AAA exclusive game that runs 1080p/60fps. Xbox One CAN and has done it with Forza 5. DriveClub cannot.

AfterThought1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Here we go again with people trying to compare the Wii U to consoles that are clearly just more powerful. Why do people always do this with Nintendo systems, you know it is weaker but boy do you guys try so hard to make it seem like somehow it will end up more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One? Okay..


You look like a complete moron right now. I can't wait to see what you have to say to this, you had to bring up the Xbox One also...

Yea PS4 has no games that run 1080p, 60fps. If you are that misinformed about things, please stfu and save yourself the embarrassment.

People are so close minded and stupid about gaming, it is sad, you people miss out on so much just for the sake of being idiots over nothing. If you can't find anything on Xbox One or PS4 that interests you, you are the one with no imagination and are just a very close minded individual who can't enjoy new experiences just because it happens to be a on a console you may not prefer more than another.

I don't particularly like Microsoft period but there are definitely some games I can enjoy that are exclusive to them. Ridiculous to say otherwise, that every single game on the system is shit.

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MaxwellBuddha1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I'll just leave this here:

malokevi1414d ago

Did you even read the article? lol. You are all ridiculous, in every sense of the word. Now prattle on with these nonsensical ramblings.

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BullyMangler1415d ago

realistic graphics will never take the cake when compared to ORIGINALITY like cartoony graphcs . .

lol realistic is copy and paste im done, because no imagination = no use of the brain .

Concertoine1415d ago

Not necessarily
Bioshock is a realistic looking game with a ton of art style. So is the metroid prime games.

InTheLab1415d ago


Bioshock has a distinct style that is not anywhere near realism. Just look at Elizabeth and tell me that's realistic.

The whole Bioshock series looks like a Norman Rockwell painting...

Sly-Lupin1414d ago

Elizabeth is a Disney princess, as many have pointed out before.

BioShock may go for a more realistic art syle, but that is NOT the same thing as having a realistic art style.

Nevers0ft1414d ago

Well said. "Some" people downplay the obviously gorgeous graphics of MK8 due to the art style. Yet I see a game that has a very robust engine - it's clearly throwing around a lot of polygons and effects, at a high framerate and resolution. Sure, the art style helps but I'd be surprised if the same engine couldn't be reworked to produce very good looking "realistic" driving games if Nintendo went in that direction.

MNGamer-N1414d ago

X, Zelda. These will look good and have some realism. Can't wait to see!

thehobbyist1414d ago

Still, it's nice to know that Nintendo is able to pull native 1080p 60fps off in their first run with HD. Especially since their competition had HD last generation and couldn't pull it off. I can only imagine the kind of visuals we'll see in the future.

linkenski1414d ago

I will say though, A game like Twilight Princess was helf back by the lack of an HD resolution because it looked grainy with all those details plugged into a 480p res. If you realize how big the difference is between 1080p and 720p then you'd understand why people are often disappointed to hear it when a game runs lower than full-hd in this day and age.

Neonridr1414d ago

Most games last gen barely touched 720p aside from the odd games. Call of Duty for example was running at something like 540p in order to keep the framerate high. BF3 was 720p in some regards, but the framerate fluctuated between 20-30fps.

The difference all depends on how close you sit to your TV. It's a placebo effect to say that you can tell the difference. But at more than 11 feet away from a 55" TV, the pixels become so small that your eye cannot tell the difference between 720 and 1080. I guess if you are sitting very close to your TV you can notice, or if you are gaming on a PC absolutely.

TLOU looked gorgeous and that game was only 720p. GTA V looked really good, same thing. Twilight games from the PS3 and 360 looked very nice, and Wii U games will look nicer than those. So what's the problem?

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randomass1711415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

"As has been said before, if max resolution is your primary concern, PC gaming is far and away the path for you. Now, it appears the Wii U might not be such a bad choice either. But still, don’t overvalue something before you truly understand it. Great games come in many shapes, sizes, and resolutions, after all."

I really liked reading this. A lot of what some would call fanboy comments really seem tongue in cheek and poke a lot of fun at the resolution debates. In the end, PC dominates everything with resolutions. That being said, PS4 and Wii U won't be bad alternatives. And even Xbox One gamers are still getting good games even if the resolutions are a little lower. I can respect resolutions being a deciding factor into what version you get, but it's not a good reason to slam anyone for choosing something different.


Let me tell ya, it's always really cool when games are native 1080p and you can play them crystal clearly. Thing is sometimes you have to sacrifice that to make the game look and perform better. I wish more people would understand that.

Neonridr1415d ago

like I always say, Assassin's Creed 4 is still Assassin's Creed 4, even if it is only 900p. It's not like the games content are different (excluding exclusive platform content), they are still the same games. Not all PC gamers can game at 1080p, but you don't see them bickering with each other.

Qrphe1414d ago

>you don't see them bickering with each other

Oh yes you do, ATI (AMD) vs nVidia wars have been fought for years

Neonridr1414d ago

@Qrphe - fair enough, but on these boards they are unified, lol.

Death1415d ago

I don't think you can tell the differance between 1080p native vs 1080p upscaled if you are grouping the PS4 and WiiU together and looking down on the Xbox One hardware. There is absolutely no game that can be made on the WiiU that couldn't be done on the Xbox One and PS4 at the same or higher resolution. 1080p is just a number that fanboys use to fuel their battle cries. The PS3 has 1080p games. It isn't the resolution that make the differance, it's the quality of the textures and effects that make the real visual differances that our eyes can see.

linkenski1414d ago

The dislikes really prove we're in the Nintendo Stronghold of N4G when what you stated is a friggin fact.

AfterThought1414d ago

This is all that needs to be said and all that anyone needs to understand.

"Great games come in many shapes, sizes, and resolutions, after all."

Higher res or higher frames do not make a game better or in some cases it doesn't even mean it will look better.

A good game is just that, a good game. It could be 16bit and 2D for all that it matters.

Yep1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Yeah, people really need to stop concluding that the Wii U can go toe-toe with the X1 and PS4 graphically just because the majority of it's games are in 1080p and/or 60FPS.

It can play with the big boys, but when a game like Project Cars comes around, it'll probably run in 720p 30fps while the PS4 and X1 versions run in (or at least target) 1080p 60fps (with graphical downgrades obv. though).

People should be perfectly content with the fact that the Wii U is very capable console.

Neonridr1415d ago

absolutely, but that doesn't mean that the Wii U version won't be fun to play. And it should still look pretty sharp.

AJBACK2FRAG1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I think the technical leap between the Wii to the Wii U is enormous. I believe the Sony fangirls and negative Nintendo media outlets are trying to take that away from the Wii U and Wii U owners. I've read a lot of of comments and articles on this site that say that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is underpowered and not really "next gen". On May 30 Nintendo is going to prove all the haters wrong. 2014 is going to be all Nintendo. This generation is going to be all Nintendo AGAIN! The least powerful and least expensive home video game console allways wins. Last generation Nintendo kicked everybodys ass with old technology and a interface that's as easy as picking up a tv remote. That's the Revolution. That's Gumpei Yokoi's Lateral thinking with withered tecnology! Utilizing an existing technology with innovation to create radical new gameplay ideas!

AfterThought1414d ago

Only if everyone was as logical as you all. What a nice community it would be.

randomass1711415d ago

Yeah I can see that happening with Project Cars. Or they could go with lower resolution textures and less effects to run it at 60fps at least. Games like that are often able to be scaled, especially if the developer is crafty.

Fanboyssuck271415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Agreed, Nintendo has always been more about the gameplay and fun element, where as the other consoles are more about the graphics and cinema style cut scenes. The fact that the games on Wii U look great aswell is just the icing on the cake.

it's all about preference, personally I have my Wii U as my main console and my ps4 as a nice secondary, I rarely game on my PC but when I do, it's a strategy game, I still play age of empires and dungeon keeper, lol so graphics have never mattered to me.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1415d ago

N64 and GC were about graphics and power.

Neonridr1415d ago

Otaku - N64 yes, but cartridges really limited them in terms of how big game worlds could be, etc.

Gamecube was definitely more powerful than the PS2, but the Xbox was still the most powerful in that gen.

fonger081415d ago

I think the bigger story is showcasing some of what the Wii U is graphically capable of. 1080/60 fps aside, the game looks abosolutely fantastic, will this finally quiet the critics that they system isn't as powerful as the 360/PS3 or can't/won't come close (but it is not equal) to games in the Xb1/PS4... probably not. Bottom line is the game looks fantastic and looks like a blast to play.

AJBACK2FRAG1415d ago

For me the fun is the whole draw of playing video games! 'Cause if it ain't fun it ain't fun!

LOL_WUT1415d ago

It's a good feat for Nintendo considering what they have to work with but in no way does it stack up to Microsofts or Sonys latest offerings. I expect this game to get very positive review scores and a high attach rate, day one for me. ;)

jaymacx1415d ago

Mario kart 8 may not be the best looking game compared to Ps4 or X1's best looking but in the fun category it can hold it's own. So in the end of the day why do you play games? Just for looks... For fun... Or both?

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OMNlPOTENT1415d ago

Latest offerings meaning realism? Yes. Many more PS4 and Xb1 games look better graphically if you're aiming at realism. Infamous Second Son is incredibly impressive and is getting tons of recognition right now. In 5 years, however, no one is going to mention it when speaking of state of the art graphics. Original graphics hold up a lot better over time. Wind Waker wasn't graphically impressive in the way of realism but it looked gorgeous because of its unique artstyle. It's one of the things it's most remembered for. Same with Okami.

AJBACK2FRAG1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

You're comparing two apples to an orange!

just-joe1414d ago

Of course when the games Microsoft and Sony are offering are........................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... .............

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