Why Microsoft Desperately Needs E3 2014

CCC Says: "There’s a reason you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Every industry has its big event. Film has the Oscars, music has the Grammys, and Broadway has the Tonys. While E3 isn’t an awards ceremony, it’s certainly the biggest shin-dig video games have to look forward to. This year will be no exception, as it will mark the very first E3 event after the historical launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (which essentially fired the opening shots of the console war’s next round). E3 2014 will set the stage for what news and speculation will monopolize the headlines of gaming sites and forums for months to come."

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lifeisgamesok1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I sense a takeover coming 6/9/14 at 9:30 A.M

And I can't wait to see some more of these amazing in-game graphics below :)

Hellsvacancy1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I'm all happy for you that your excited for e3 but do you honestly think Sony are not going to have anything even MORE amazing to show?

I don't mean to ramble on like a typical Sony fan "hay look at our first party devs" but Sony really do have some great 1st party dev teams, most of them are working on new unannounced games (why wouldn't they)

Project Beast and The Order alone has me excited, Sony could show nothing but those two games and it will still be the best E3 (for me anyway)

Then we have Uncharted and Last Guardian, game over E3 if Sony show gameplay for those games

JeffGUNZ1415d ago

I'm sure they do, it's highly unlikely they will stand on stage and just stand there. I don't forsee a "takeover" by MS but I do think we will see MS taking the Xbox brand back to gaming first. I feel like this article went on too long with bashing MS and talking about their past year. I think people forget the DRM and announcement happened on a specific REVEAL date and not E3. When E3 arrived, it was all games which gave MS fans joy.

Also, it's not a competition, let's be real here. Last Guardian and Uncharted are not game over if that's the two big ones. I think Halo 5 & Quantum Break release dates this year would be bigger news. Uncharted is good and I love Naughty Dog, but The Last of Us was their best game, if not one of the best single player games I have played last generation. Halo is a common name everyone, from casual to hardcore gamer knows and will draw more attention.

I really hope we see The Last of Us 2, rumor is a teaser trailer. That would make me smile a lot if Sony shows that. TLOU2 will be when I buy a PS4 that's how good TLOU was.

OpieWinston1415d ago

Last Guardian is a system seller alone but it's a pipe dream, they delayed it to make Knack and hasn't had much word. Most people theorize the game is being made for PS4 but they would have SOME news on it at last E3. It's currently in development limbo and we don't know much of it.

I expect Sony to bring games, but Microsoft will probably be bringing a better lineup (for me anyways).

I have a feeling Sony will be spending a bit too much time talking about Indies/Project Morpheus at E3. (That's not what E3 is about)

cfc781416d ago

I think we all desperately need E3 2014 i know i do.

Julion07151415d ago

Why do ppl constantly mention ps4 in an xbox one articles what does this have to do with sony?

Deadpool1011415d ago

Because god forbid anyone thinks something positive about the XboxOne for half a second.

Bonkerz1415d ago

From the way that all the guys have been hyping and talking about E3 on the X1 side this is going to be mind blowing. I cant even imagine what they are gonna show and announce, its just going to be insane.

Julion07151415d ago

Samething with Dx12 ppl say good things about it and we jus want our system to perform better nobody ever mentions being stronger than ps4 or anything like it but sony fans always gotta come in and comment you think sony is jus ganna sit on it's hands and not improve as well like who cares what Sony does we jus want improvement on our side

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