What Would Make The Perfect Spider-Man Game?

In the wake of the release of the slightly awful Spider-Man game, IM PLAYIN asks what would make the perfect title after a series of flops.

"With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also comes the release of the subsequent game. I haven’t personally played it because I guessed what everyone is now finding out; it sucks (so I’m told). It’s made me think though: what would make the perfect Spider-Man game? Huge strides have been made towards this dream of mine, but with every step forward there seems to be two steps back. Well I’ve had enough! Here’s what I, as a Spider-Man fanatic, think would make up the perfect Spider-Man game. Keep in mind that I am fully aware that these concepts may indeed exist in some Spider-Man games. My point is that they all need to be in ONE game."

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ironfist921536d ago

Theyre owned by WB.

Its the equivalent of wanting Naughty Dog to make a Halo game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

For spider-man to be jumping up and down the streets in tights, like the homosexual that he is. Or just to go away, disappear along with all other corny super heroes.

Super Heroes are a 4 year old boy's idea of cool. Then you turn 5, go to kindergarten and discover girls.

It's sad, they make billion dollar movies on this lame kinda crap.

Lunarassassin1536d ago

I agree. They did an amazing job with Batman, both games had an amazing story and plenty of interesting side missions. If they could get that mix perfect for Spiderman and managed to build around the swinging mechanics of Spiderman 2 it could be crazy good.


I disagree. Rocksteady may have done a great job with Batman, but I don't think they could pull of Spider-man.

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Snookies121536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Spider-man 2's web swinging mechanics, Batman Arkham City's fighting mechanics, detailed open New York city that actually has some care put into it, and... Lots of cool side things and collectibles to get. That's what I'd personally love. Oh, and of course have a lot of iconic baddies from the series in the form of bosses and perhaps side bosses.

princejb1341536d ago

I actually really enjoyed web of shadows
By far in my opinion it had the best gameplay of all the spidey games


The free-flow combat system works great with Spidey. Unfortunately when Beenox attempted it it felt awkward. At least it did to me.

Psychonaut1536d ago

A lot of free roam web-slinging. Seriously, Spider-Man 2 on PS2 I would just free roam for hours cause it was fun. I bought Amazing Spider-Man on PS3 just for the web-slinging. So, just improve on that, some how give a better sense of speed and such, OH maybe you can go 1st person while web-slinging. That would be so much fun.

whybag1536d ago

A developer that doesn't phone in the environment design and mission structure.

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