MLB 14: The Show PS4 Review | GB

GB: "The biggest difference is how good everything looks. The crowds are more realistic, unique, and varied than ever, the players look amazing, the weather effects are impressive, the stadiums have been completely rebuilt, the animation work is incredible – I could go on, but you get the idea."

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psplova873d ago

What a great write-up! Good stuff..

incendy35873d ago

Great review, can't wait to download this.

AutoCad873d ago

Unfortunately, The Show’s online is iffy, and I had a lot of problems connecting to games.


ScareFactor873d ago

Is it still laggy as the others are? I remember when I played online it was impossible to hit pitches and found myself having fastball only games, with my friends

AutoCad873d ago

i dont know i dont have it,that is from the review.
i wish more reviews made this an issue but they seem to just look over it.

but i agree servers kill this game online.

rivencleft873d ago

Great review! Can't wait to play this game, the graphics look amazing!

Killzoner99873d ago

The BEST baseball game on the market hands down and if you disagree tell me what's better. So you know this 8/10 is pure click bait.

SoapShoes873d ago

2K couldn't compete even when the show had competition.

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