Ubisoft drops off new screenshot for 'The Crew'

In what has been described as one of the biggest games of all-time, period, The Crew is setting up to surprise many fans of the racing genre, and even more who are not normally accustomed to racers. In what has become a trend for some of Ubisoft's newest games, The Crew has been given a brand-new screenshot.

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medman1510d ago

This game looks really good, and the game world is huge!! So far I've been looking primarily at Project Cars and Drive Club, but the more I see of The Crew I think I may have to pick it up. I can't see myself buying three racing games in a short time span, so the competition is on for Drive Club to show me why I should buy the full version.

uth111510d ago

I'm more excited about the Crew than I am about either DriveClub or Project Cars. It hasn't been getting nearly as much attention.

Dlacy13g1510d ago

The Crew kinda keeps getting forgotten about (imo) and I am not sure why. Maybe its because Ubisoft really isn't known for racing games, maybe its just because Project Cars looks so good its stolen the lion share of interest but this game definitely will get a look from me when it comes out.

uth111510d ago

I think it's because DriveClub and Project Cars have been releasing screenshots and trailers and grabbing all the attention lately.

angelsx1510d ago

Project cars and Drive club looks soo good that The Crew somehow vanish.

PraxxtorCruel1510d ago

Let's not forget that graphics are only half of the story. I can see 'The Crew' having the edge on gameplay and that's most important, well to me at least.

angelsx1510d ago

You are right but where is the edge?Can't see it.

creeping judas1510d ago

It all depends on your preference I would think. I love my sim racers, and racing on tracks. But at the same time I have loved some of the open world racers like Test Drive Unlimited and Horizon. So if you are into track racing then Project Cars and Driveclub have the edge, but if you are an open world arcade racer type of person, then The Crew will have the edge.

Personally I am very excited for The Crew because of the variety of things you can do in the game.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771510d ago

If Reflections by ubisoft working on the PS4 version, then who is working on the X1 version?