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"Brutally violent and utterly terrifying, Outlast managed to scare me more than anything I’d ever played before, making me love every second of its campaign. Now, almost 8 months after its original release, Outlast has a new downloadable mini-story, but how does it hold up?" - James Black on Outlast Whistleblower

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SlapHappyJesus1536d ago

Ugh. I forgot all about this one. I Meant to request code early code.

solid_snake36561536d ago

Playing outlast in 5.1 surround sound was amaizing.

hennessey861536d ago

Playing through my PX5's and I have pooped myself a few times ha

hennessey861536d ago

incredible and it runs smooth as butter on very high without so much as a stutter. Loved outlast and I have been looking forward to this.

Chespin1536d ago

I liked it but I didn't find it scary at all to be honest. And the final third of the game was kinda meh.

AgentSmithPS41536d ago

I hope you're talking about the original and not the DLC.

I liked most of the original game except for the later part, and it sucked not being able to skip long rambling parts when I was beating it on insane (and no plat trophy :( ).

Omar911536d ago

did you buy the DLC? if so is it better then the later parts of the campaign? I loved outlast, but I'd have to agree It got kind of boring and repetitive towards the end.

AgentSmithPS41535d ago

I'll get the DLC soon since I don't want to spoil it when I watch the hilarious people playing it on twitch.

bluegoblin1536d ago

Downloading it right now! I hope it is as good as the main story.