Top 10 Reasons Gamers Hate the Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty is easily one of the most successful and popular gaming series of all time. But with that amount of success comes both love and hate. We uncover the top 10 reasons why some gamers absolutely despise the Call of Duty franchise.

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TearsOfARapper1510d ago

Reasons 1-10: The whiny, racist, angry, and loud 8-12 year olds that took over the online Call of Duty community.

PaulKersey1510d ago

Sadly, it's not just the COD community.

venom061510d ago

its mostly the fact that the so-called "fair" game journalism are pretty much nothing more than CoD fanboys and in their eyes, CoD can do no wrong. People are kinda sick of the biased, slanted reviews that site like IGN give it, only to be dissapointed after you by it. Guess there are benefits to Acitvision owning part of IGN. Do your research gamers...

StanLee1510d ago

@ venom06

At this point there is no misconceptions about what Call of Duty is. It's a tried and true formula and for better or worse, fans like that. I think it's the exactly opposite. Recent Call of Duty titles haven't faired well with journalists but at this point, you know what you're going to get with a new title in the franchise and surprisingly, fans continue to speak with their purchasing power. Even micro transactions for the game is more popular than ever as much as it is decried by games' journalists. Consumers speak with their money. Simple as that.

StanLee1510d ago

By Call of Duty's continued popularity, gamers don't hate the series. A pretentious internet majority do. They believe they determine who should be considered gamers and what you should enjoy to be considered a "real" gamer. News flash, they're the minority.

Alduin1510d ago

Even CoD fanboys are getting sick of the series. And no one made this a "you're not a gamer" argument. Moving on..

StanLee1510d ago

There is a huge population who consistently chastise fans of the series for not being real gamers. The truth is as many gamers that have moved on from the series, there are many more new comers to the franchise. There was on average over 200K unique users playing Call of Duty at any one time over the weekend on XBL. It is consistently the most played game on each console. It's popularity continues to dwarf it's competitors. Facts.

PONTIAC08G8GT1510d ago

And the fact that each COD feels like an expansion pack not to mention the yearly releases like it's a sports title.

OrangePowerz1510d ago

Yea right because they can't be found in any other shooter.

Lowsnamebrand1510d ago

I actually haven't heard that much of this since blops

kevinsheeks1510d ago

racist are in every game trust me I know -_-

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Matt6661510d ago

well said list, in addition to that there are other reasons to hate the series too
like stupid perks (commando, one man army etc),
Quick scoping,
No scoping,
the knife being the most powerful weapon on the game,

I could go on but I won't

Alduin1510d ago

True, true. Quickscoping, especially in games like Black Ops 2, has definitely turned some people away. Can't say I don't get annoyed by all the Faze/Optic wannabes.

qu1ckset1510d ago

Camping is the worst and how fast you die making it really fustrating to counter campers , in bf4 it's really easy to counter that bullshit!

Not to mention in bf4 everyone has the same stats other then equipment , all this perk to have QuickDraw etc is stupid.

But hey I vote with my wallet and don't give activion my money , and from what I've seen with destiny , it looks like they won't get my money for that either!

Alduin1510d ago

Yeah, I'm not too sure about Destiny either. Looks like it could be really cool or really boring. Won't know till beta. Still sounds 100x more fun than CoD at this point, though.

qu1ckset1509d ago

I was overly excited about the game when it was announced but was still interested , but after the last video gameplay wise it looked extremely bland and not very fun at all, the graphics on the other hand were really good, but graphics isn't everything!

raWfodog1510d ago

Just a point:

Number 9 shouldn't really be considered a reason to hate the CoD series, IMO.

Alduin1510d ago

No, it shouldn't. People should form their own opinions of games based on their own personal experiences with them. Unfortunately, we don't live in shouldland.

spence524901510d ago

I don't hate call of duty. I just hate the fact that Call of Duty is the reason a lot of my favorite shooters either became terrible or just don't exist anymore. Most mmo players feel the same about WoW. We can acknowledge they did a lot of good things but most companies went under trying to compete and create similar products that weren't better.

OrangePowerz1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Isn't it the fault of the other devs screwing up their games trying to copy them?

I don't blame CoD for BF having a bad horrible singleplayer, I blame whoever came up with the idea it should have one.

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