What is Project Beast? Demon's Souls 2 on PS4?

Play Magazine explores the rumours surrounding the recently-leaked Project Beast. Is it a new Souls game, or something else entirely?

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MrSwankSinatra1506d ago

It's something souls related, the fog gate is clear indication of that.

MasterCornholio1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Maybe it was a room with a bunch of people smoking weed.


It has to be a souls game. What else could it be?

Tapani1505d ago

How about a Shadow Tower(ish) game? I saw some comparison between the "Project Beast" logo and Shadow Tower. Both happened to have the same style of font.

Maybe it's a spiritual successor to Shadow Tower, which would be a rivaling IP to their Souls' series? (Souls' games are spiritual successors to King's Field games)

GutZ311505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Not enough information to make any prediction of what its based on, but it's characters, atmosphere, and graphics say it is something souls based at best guess.
On top of it being a FROM Software game, its almost confirmed.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1505d ago

My guess would be yeah. It's been rumored before. I think it's something related. Don't think it will be called Demon Souls 2, but it could be called Demon Souls: "Something" like with a subtitle or it could have a totally different name and be more like a Demon/Dark souls spiritual successor.

joab7771505d ago

I read somewhere awhile ago that they really wanted to do another spiritual successor. It allows them to keep the basics but change things up.

I really do not rhink its demon souls 2. I just dont. It would be better to start fresh on this gen.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1505d ago

Yeah, it's probably something new. I've heard rumors of them getting together with From Software to make a PS4 exclusive and Sony does own rights to the Demon Souls name, so it sounds tempting because the souls franchise did start exclusively on PS3, but the name Dark Souls kinda ruins it, it would be kinda silly to have basically the same franchise with 2 names, and similar names at that.

HighResHero1505d ago

I wouldn't mind being put back in the world of Boletaria on the PS3/4 also. Tying it in to the nexus would be interesting if attempted.

colonel1791505d ago

My guess is that is another "series" from the Soul games, but definitely not a sequel to Demon's Souls.

Evilsnuggle1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I really hope it's a direct sequel to my one of my two favorite games of last generation Demon's Soul's and The Last Of Us. I love the dark depressing no hope against all odds no sunlight of Demon's Soul's. I love the Darkness of the game you against all the odds. In Demon's Soul's your not the chosin one like in Dark souls. No you are just another hero who no one thinks has any chance of survival. The Story and character Where much better in Demon's Soul's than Dark souls. please Sony be Demon's Soul's two.

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WildArmed1505d ago

(slight spoilers below)

The.. land of giants? The place where King Vendrick stole something "precious" from? :O

Man that broken Archstone STILL bugs me. I wonder what hid behind that door...

nope1111505d ago

Grrr that archstone... I always thought it was some super secret level that can only be access through impossible means.

nucky641505d ago

that would be awesome - i think we were all wanting to know what the he11 is behind that archstone.

johny51505d ago

I would like Sony to make a Medieval game in the same vein as Braveheart!

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