More PlayStation 4 screenshots (Project Cars)

Slightly Mad Studios released another batch of PS4 screenshots for Project Cars.

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The_Infected1199d ago

With Driveclub and Project cars my racing needs are covered. Can't wait until holiday 2014!

GarrusVakarian1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Yup, those 2 games will keep me covered for this year, and probably most of next year too.

Those screenshots look really nice, my hype is increasing for it.

CaptainFaisal1199d ago

Its amazing how Project cars achieved 60 FPS without downgrading graphics! Driveclub will still be amazing even though its 30 FPS its a beutiful game and a master piece. I hope that after the release if they found a solution and optimized their game and release a patch to make the game 60 FPS would be awesome ! Cuz the most thing people will do when they compare both games is the FPS and graphics. Looking forward for both games ! My PS4 is dying for a proper racing game!

Eonjay1199d ago

Why am I so attracted to cars I can't afford?

Skate-AK1199d ago

We have the same problem.

Give_me_head_strong1199d ago

I'm glad to see this will have wetaher effects, unlike Driveclub or Forza 5..

windblowsagain1194d ago

Anyone know why the PS4 shots all have a type of banding look to the tires etc. Like it's not the correct color depth or something. Possibly the capture>?