Xbox One E3 focus on games made obvious in Microsoft announcement

XMNR: Microsoft announced the date and time Tuesday for its 2014 E3 press conference. While we don't know the exact contents yet, the company is telegraphing that it learned from the mistakes it made last year with the "Xbox: Game On" conference title alone.

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redcar1211450d ago

This is great cant wait 4 e3

mrpsychoticstalker1450d ago

2014 is looking great for Xbox fans. Glad to be part of it.

Their teams seem to be focused on one thing only. GAMES.

Phil is doing a great job and I am sure he can deliver.

Mystogan1450d ago

It's their main focus. Not their only focus and it doesn't need to their only focus. Microsoft has enough money and the manpower to focus on both TV and Games.

I'm a gamer but I also like to watch TV, GameOfThrones, TheWalkingDead. Here's hoping they bring a TV show that is as awesome as these two.

ger23961450d ago

Isn't that stating the obvious? E3 should be about games.

URNightmare1450d ago

I know you hate indies and joke about them on PS4 articles. Are you ready for them?? Because THAT is what Xbox stage will be full of at E3 this year and then you will love them ;)

xboxnation20131450d ago

the xbox360 has over a thousands indies and 90% of them are garbage but hey i guess more is better.

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ArtificiallyYours1450d ago

I'm glad MS can stack up straight after a crippling debacle. Goes to show how important communication is.

lelo1450d ago

I hope Microsoft delivers and the X1 is a success. I don't want a one horse race in consoles. If a company controls home consoles, it's very bad for consumers. I like competition, the more the merrier.

SixtyNine1450d ago

I have exams to write soon :/ When I'm done it's all about summer. . . and E3!

I'm so looking forward to Microsoft's E3 conference.

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The story is too old to be commented.