Pachter on 'Borderlands' not coming to PS4 & Xbox One: 'What's wrong with them?'

As we all know by now, the newest iteration in the Borderlands franchise is coming to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC only, with both the Xbox One and PS4 missing out on that content. Even before the game was officially announced, there were rumors of it being a past-gen only game and it makes you wonder, is that the wrong move?

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lelo1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

"Pachter on 'Borderlands' not coming to PS4 & Xbox One: 'What's wrong with them?'"

It's coming! Just wait and see. First release it on X360 and PS3... later on release a enhanced edition on the PS4 and X1 for more sales.

Chevalier1356d ago

I'd wager that's not the only reason. Don't forget 2K games is releasing Evolve in the fall on Next Gen systems only. This is the new game by Turtlerock studio's who brought us Left 4 Dead. They simply don't want Borderlands to eat into those sales especially when they are trying to establish a new IP franchise.

Most people won't look twice at Evolve if Borderlands competes with their own product it'll be detrimental. So their strategy is correct. Release Borderlands Presequel where their are already a large established fan base get those sales now. Release Evolve unhindered and set the foundation for a new franchise.

Then after the time has passed and Borderlands Presequel won't cannibalize own products. Those Borderlands people will still be there or they'll get people to rebuy the same game and get another sale. Just include all the DLC and call it the HD GOTY or ultimate loot edition and people will buy it.

AngelicIceDiamond1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

There's nothing wrong with them. Randy Pitchford said they cost money to port the games over. Implying next gen is costly.

Fair enough but we're not dumb. We know the pre sequel is shaved off DLC that couldn't fit on PS360. Therefor they feel the need releasing a separate game.

I really like Borderlands but at the end of the day its a flawed game and allot wrong with it.

There's no bazillion weapons you can choose fromthat's just marketing PR. Its really not that big of a game.

The characters are great but why gives us pre-set generic characters when they could give us an option to make our own? The 4 characters have nothing to do with the story of Borderlands other than they're vault hunters.

Give me the option to make my own character his weapons, armor abilities etc. Since they serve next to nothing in the story aspect. The characters don't even have lines so why bother giving us pre done generic characters?

I'm might skip on this borderlands haven't truly decided yet.

BitbyDeath1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

'There's no bazillion weapons you can choose fromthat's just marketing PR. Its really not that big of a game.'

Maybe not but the fun is all in the co-op and with having a large variety of unlockables made it the closest thing to a nextgen Timesplitters... RIP :-(

maniacmayhem1356d ago

I wouldn't say shaved off DLC but these new devs are more than likely using the same engine and the same assets to make this game.

To put this on new systems and have it look like a PS3/360 game would get so much hate and bad attention from gamers all around. Even though I think its unwarranted but with new systems everyone expects better graphics regardless if it might have been a port.

I liked Borderlands 2 for long while and had a blast playing with my friends but after a while it became a super grind fest and got tedious the more I played.

cyguration1356d ago

I didn't mean to hit the disagree button.

Sadly, I cannot take it back.

Chespin1356d ago

Never tell someone you accidentally disagreed with them. They get all butthurt.

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kevnb1356d ago

It's not as easy as people seem to think it is, making a game for 5 platforms at a time can be pretty messy.

AliTheSnake11356d ago

They're making it for PC.
Same arch as PS4/X1. Easy port then optimize, and Bam.

kevnb1356d ago

Different API on each platform, and the little things like trying to use esram... Then you have to make sure the ps4 version isn't too much better than the Xbox one version, it's a pain.

3-4-51356d ago

If they haven't started it yet, it's going to be about 2-3 years until we get the game once they do start.

2017-2018 for Borderlands 3.

That is 3-4 years into this gen, that is just way too "behind the times" Gearbox.

Get to it, I'm having a blast with my first playthrough of BL2 right now, but we def need BL3 ASAP.

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Lucreto1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I think this is a quick title to cover people while Borderlands 3 is in development.

It is basically Batman Arkham: Origins. A game by another studio while the main studio make Arkham Knight.

The assets and engine are there so just build from that.

oof461356d ago

I concur. The only concern is that this in-between Borderlands title doesn't sully the franchise like BA:O did.

Origins wasn't a horrible game, but it wasn't up to par with Rocksteady's games.

nope1111356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I found Arkham Origins to be the best out of the 3. Mostly because of the writing was really good and Joker's protrayal in AO was the best.

It's a damn shame AO gets so much flak.

oof461356d ago

@nope111: I didn't say it was a bad game, but it wasn't as highly regarded because it seemed more of the same. I do agree the story was very well written.

But, you have to also take into account the bugs that WB said would not be patched, and the DLC that ended up not getting released on the WiiU. Those things can frustrate consumers on an IP.

joab7771356d ago

It seems to b the winning pattern for so many IPs today.

nope1111356d ago

There is more install base on PS3/360 than PS4/XBO, it makes sense.
I for one never buy a new console the first year it releases.

BlackTar1871356d ago

Your comment is as if you had to chose one or the other. You don't they don't. They could release it on all systems.

It's stupid for them to not release on new gen systems. Not much can be said to sway my opinion at all unless they can prove the amount of money the will lose by porting then okay.

other then what i stated above it's really stupid.

Zichu1356d ago

They might not make the money back if they were to sell on 4 systems. They are also lazy ass developers and liars... Just look at Aliens: Colonial Marines.

MysticStrummer1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

The money angle makes perfect sense, and they do have to choose. It's easier (cheaper) to bring the game to established platforms for which they already have working and at least somewhat optimized engines. Could they do a quick port that added little or no visual upgrades? Sure, but gamers would complain about it. To do it right would mean more work and more money spent. It's just more cost effective to release this on last gen systems.

You guys that disagree with this real world based answer should ask yourselves why you suddenly agree with Pachter. This is just another case where I have to wonder how he keeps a job. He either states the obvious or ignores it on any given day, but somehow he's quotable.

dumahim1356d ago

Like they're going to make a Borderlands game that doesn't make them money.

It's not like this is being built from the ground up. It's using everything they can from BL2.

They spent a lot of time working to get BL2 downgraded to run on the Vita and by the time the Pre Sequel would launch, both the Xbox One and PS4 will have a larger user base than the Vita does. Plus, they don't need to figure out how to squeeze the game to run on a lesser system. Get it running on the newer consoles, better framerate, better res, maybe some added effects that are probably in the PC version and presto!

BlackTar1871356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

EDITED He did say it wasn't free to port. But i stand by my point. I bet Infamous is pretty happy with the Next Gen Sales.
How expensive can it be?

How hard can it be?

Early Adopters are for the most part Hardcore gamers so selling on a lower fan base shouldn't be that bad considering the audience the new system currently have.

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MasterD9191356d ago

I stand by the fact that this game was in development likely immediately after the whole Alien's fiasco as a cure-all to the hate Gearbox was receiving from the fans. When all else fails, go to what works (so to speak).

They likely weren't focused on where next-gen was going to be at this point, so they weren't quite ready for the leap. Having said that, I can only assume Borderlands 3 is already being developed in some capacity already as surely they now realize the importance of next-gen consoles.

They also did support the hell out of their games (and the past generation), so this could just be a proper send-off in their eyes.

iDadio1356d ago

I would rather wait for a true sequel that has been built specifically for ps4/xb1 than have something that hasnt had these machines in mind and merely looks a little nicer.

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