Project CARS PS4 vs PC Maximum Settings Screenshot Comparison: Gorgeous on Both Platforms

Recently Slightly Mad Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment released a batch of screenshots of the upcoming Project CARS, that will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Wii U starting this fall.

Many wondered how the PS4 version compares with the PC version, and today DualShockers tried to respond to that question, by taking screenshots of the PC version at maximum settings reproducing as closely as possible some of the PS4 screenshots.

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Letros1263d ago

Hope you all pick up this game as I am an investor, make me some bank!

GarrusVakarian1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I will be giving you monies.

Damn, the PS4 version holds up better than i thought it would, really impressive work from Slightly Mad given the PS4's specs and price. Really looking forward to this.

Dee_911262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Yea I was planning on getting the PC version, because I didn't believe SM when they said the PS4 version would be up to par with the pc version to be honest haha... Then again, if the modding community will be like assetto corsa, I might get it for pc and ps4 later.

@Letros will we see an opponent named after you ? lol

Monaco looks awesome!

mikeslemonade1262d ago

So if I were to build a PC with the GTX780 it would atleast be $800-$900. So i don't see a $400 or more difference here. Even though I will be building a PC this fall, the self proclaimed master race has been just spewing numbers but you don't give me pictures like this.

But anyway I don't like racing games so I won't be getting this game anyway.

Aleithian1262d ago

Agreed. This console keeps paying for itself with every new game released.

ShinMaster1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Most of these screenshots were taken in different weather conditions, angles and lighting. It doesn't make for an accurate comparison.

I'll be getting it on PS4. I got a friend who'll get it on PC, but won't be able to max it out.

nosferatuzodd1262d ago

sweet the ps4 is holding its own dam im impress

mattdillahunty1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

is the PS4 version going to be 60fps as well? if so, then that's pretty impressive with screenshots like those. if it's just 30fps, then meh. hopefully it's the former, though.

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Muerte24941263d ago

Honestly, if you at least a GTX 780. I don't see why you wouldn't get it on PC unless your community is in PSN/XBL. Great job being able to pull this much off with locked in hardware Slightly Mad studios.

elhebbo161262d ago

"if you at least a GTX 780" wat

Flutterby1262d ago

So what you are saying is if you have paid more for just your video card than a ps4 you should get it on pc ??

The PS4 version looks stupidly good when in comparison to the pc, that is some good work by the devs.

Muerte24941262d ago

I'm saying if you're PC isn't currently capable of running the game @ max (needs minimum gtx 780) and you already have a PS4 then purchase it on PS4. But if you want to squeeze a little extra out (not much) and you already have a PC, then why not.

EverydayGuy1262d ago

If you are running at 1080p setting, you need 760 ti or equivalent. GTX 780 are needed if you want to go higher resolution, otherwise it is a waste.

AndrewLB1262d ago

Everydayguy- That's BS. I'm running the game just fine with my GTX 680 @ 1440p (2560x1440) with all settings maxed. That's almost double the amount of pixels on screen compared to 1080p (1920x1080).

Keep in mind, the GTX 680 has DOUBLE the processing power as a PS4. And costs around $250. So this idiotic claim that many keep repeating, that you need a $600 graphics card to run at such settings is patently false. It costs about $125 to buy a graphics card with equivalent capabilities of the PS4. Go price the ATI HD7870 which is actually more powerful, and it's DIRT CHEAP.

EverydayGuy1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Where can I find a GTX 680 for $250?

I agree that a 7870($150) will run most games at Med/High settings at 30-60fps, and a bonus is you can OC it. 7870 is still equivalent to a 760($250) performance wise.

As for the PS4 comparison, its depends on the Dev's to take advantage of it, PC's will never be as optimize as closed systems. Mantle still has to prove itself to be capable of delivering that console like performance in the years ahead.

Dee_911262d ago

Judging from these pics yes.But the difference you will see goes beyond the pics.We don't have enough info yet, but I am betting like most cross plat racers, the pc will have a larger grid which plays a MAJOR factor in needing such a powerful card for ultra settings.

Dynasty20211262d ago

To say the PS4 is holding up to the PC version is moronic.

It's 1080p, 30 FPS on consoles.

It's 1080p, 1440p, 60 FPS, or 100+ FPS on PC.

THAT is the difference. On a 120hz monitor, 100+ FPS is like buttery, silky smooth.

Anyone that says that can't see a difference at 120hz is a blind idiot in self denial.

steve30x1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I have a GTX680 and this plays as smooth as butter with everything set to max @ 1080P. You dont need a GTX780 to run PCars.

This is the equivelant to a GTX680 (but is ever so slightly quicker) and is cheaper than a PS4 by €120.

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Ronin_GTChin1262d ago

If they do the sim part of it right ill be picking it up for sure!

DevilOgreFish1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

"Project CARS PS4 vs PC Maximum Settings Screenshot Comparison: Gorgeous on Both Platforms"

the game is still an alpha, with a few builds of the alpha at different stages in development. and most of these screens by they way aren't even lined up correctly. it does however look good on the selected platforms if that's what they're trying to say.

BX811262d ago

Yeah but the PC version clearly looks better. I might pick it up for ps4 looks clean.

Imalwaysright1262d ago

You hate PC gaming. You're not fooling anyone.

2pacalypsenow1262d ago

@Imalwaysright Yes i hate it thats why i game on this , just for the fun of it and because i HATE COMPUTERS

DarkHeroZX1262d ago

Ground textures and lighting is better on PC but overall this is really close.

hellzsupernova1262d ago

do you want to invest in my business idea? need funds to finish up prototyping.

On topic looks great will buy on PC

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The_Infected1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I can't believe PS4 is holding up this good being $399. Amazing IMO.

fr0sty1263d ago

Definitely not worth shelling out a bare minimum of double that amount to get that tiny amount of extra detail...

SlapHappyJesus1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Well, that's not true for me, but. That said, I don't think that argument holds true for every game in question. Not to mention, I don't believe they've ever confirmed the framerate. Just that they are aiming for 60.
Also, before anyone starts throwing around the whole "defensive PC gamer" nonsense, make note of the fact that it was he who brought PC up in the first place. Not me. I just threw some points out there in response to his statement.

F4sterTh4nFTL1262d ago

For 1 game I agree with you but when 100s of games look better and run smoother, have more control options and possibility of modding, than the answer is clearly PC.

fr0sty1262d ago

Except they don't... You can't find hundreds of games that look better on PC than PS4. It will be a long time before we start seeing games utilizing features PS4 can't handle, usually 2-3 years into the generation is when you first start seeing PC pull ahead doing things that consoles struggle with (and by "doing things", I mean more than just the same graphics at higher res/framerate).

aquamala1262d ago

"You can't find hundreds of games that look better on PC than PS4"

only because PS4 doesn't have hundreds of games yet

fr0sty1262d ago

That was part of my point, though even the games that are on both do not look dramatically better on PC. It's going to take a lot more than 60fps solid and maybe a few extra polys here and there to convince me that it's worth dropping $800-1000 minimum on a decent gaming PC... Especially when the realization hits that in order to play the games that are coming out in 2-3 years that do things PS4 cannot, I'll have to upgrade my GPU AGAIN.

TheDevKit1262d ago

That assumption's a bit misguided, as we don't know yet what resolution and framerate the final builds will include.

fr0sty1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

It can be safely assumed the PC version will have both superior res and framerate (as PCs can go above 60fps). However, my point is, I see no need to pay double just for a little more resolution or framerate for the same game that uses essentially the same assets and textures (with the exception of SLIGHTLY more polys in the models in this particular example).

I just don't see the justification from a performance perspective for a 100% price increase (if not more, depending on how powerful of a gaming PC you build).

Now if you want to talk game prices and online capabilities, then I'll agree that PC is the better platform. However, talking hardware alone, since the vast majority of games are made to target console hardware, PC gets the same assets with higher res and framerate essentially.

In a few years, that will start to change as PC exclusives start to really flex the PC GPU muscles.

user56695101262d ago

Tiny I think you need to look at that again. And you Dont need a highend PC to maxx this out at 1080p. Ps4 version has blurry textures, bad aa, shadows not impressive, model from ps4 doesn't look as detailed as PC version. Everything looks significantly better on PC , but ps4 still look great. Why do people have to lie like ps4 can hold its own against PC. Look at the comments like you need a gtx780 to play this.

PS fanboy be in denial and make up bs when their console doesnt look superior

starchild1262d ago

It doesn't take spending double to get better performance than the PS4. You can build a $600 PC that will comfortably outperform the PS4 in the vast majority of multiplatform games.

And for people that were already PC gamers most of us didn't have to even spend that much. I simply sold my old graphics card, took that money and put another $100 with it, and bought a GTX 770. So I spent a grand total of $100 on my PC this generation and it gives me better graphics and performance in games like Thief, AC4 and Battlefield 4.

Look, I like the PS4 a lot. It's a great console and it's going to have some fantastic exclusives. And even though I don't really play multiplats on it, I realize that for some people that don't have a gaming PC the PS4 still offers a decent experience with multiplats too. I simply don't like when people like you feel the need to lie about the PC or the differences between the PC and PS4.

AfterThought1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Actually it seems quite the opposite, I am loving this article because I have never seen so many butt hurt PC fans in one place at one time. It appears you guys are more peeved at the fact the PS4 actually isn't some piece of shit console that you all thought it was. I guess it hurts when all your senseless shit talking is proven wrong.

You saying there is a significant difference between the photos is absolute bullshit. You show that to any average person they won't be able to tell the differences as they are very minimal.

More importantly you are trying so hard to downplay the PS4 version it is really pathetic, obviously you can tell those shots were taken in different spots on the tracks and at different times with different weather variations, so of course they won't be exactly the same because of that but all in all the PS4 version is extremely close to the PC version in terms of quality whether you want to accept that or not.

I mean obviously you are just some stuck up person with a PC based on your name. Consoles late again... Oh boy aren't you clever..

Consoles never once in their lives were ever trying to surpass PC's besides from one company. The people who make these consoles understand they are not meant for that but for people who want quality gaming experiences but maybe just can't afford to upgrade a PC almost every year when a console lasts 6-7 years without ever needing to buy new components for it.

What is so hard to understand about that? This idea that consoles were meant to surpass PC's is totally conjured up by people like you, Sony never claimed it would nor did Nintendo.

If you should be biting someones head of for saying their console is more powerful than a PC, you should be bitching to Microsoft, with all their Xbox One is a "super computer" nonsense.


Sorry, not directed towards you but some of you are being ridiculously defensive over your PC's. The PS4 version doesn't look nearly that bad, not even bad at all in the way some of you are trying to make it look.

fr0sty1262d ago

"It doesn't take spending double to get better performance than the PS4. You can build a $600 PC that will comfortably outperform the PS4 in the vast majority of multiplatform games. "

You find me a $600 PC that outperforms PS4, and I'll find you a cookie. It doesn't exist.

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gapecanpie1262d ago

I hope its 60fps on the ps4 ... if not then it fails...

BX811262d ago

I'm not surprised at all. Look at what the ps3 could do late in the life cycle. I kinda expected this gen to look great.

sigfredod1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Wow real close, i will need to get this until gt7 is released , and also dev say they are "there" for the 60FPS so thats good

Ronin_GTChin1262d ago

That's what the vast majority of our forum are gonna be doing. If the physics hold up this could really dent Polyphony's armour. They are gonna need to bring it big with GT7

F4sterTh4nFTL1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Good comparison but the PC version clearly has an extra layer of realism to it, most evident is the last comparison screenshots.

Tatsuya 1263d ago

I agree. Although, my lead gaming platform is the PS4 so I prefer to play this on my couch with DS4. My gaming PC is on my table for me to watch movies and surf the web :)

Shnooze1262d ago

Your "GAMING PC" is only for watching moves and surfing the web? Jesus..

Play2Win1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Sell your gaming pc and buy a notebook to watch movies and surf web. Considering the fact that your gaming rig is probably even stronger than your PS4 this would be a shame. Speaking of raw power of course. Why don't play on both systems?

neoandrew1262d ago

You can easily play on pc from your couch and with a gamepad, so no difference here.

AceBlazer131262d ago

There are some people that prefer gaming on consoles.Don't question it, don't look for the logic just accept some people plain and simple, prefer consoles. He probably has his gaming pc for when he get's some games on sale that he missed on console or for pc exclusives.

Bordel_19001262d ago

I prefer to play racers on my PC sitting in my PlaySeat with Logitech G23 and a 55inch screen and a 5.1 surround system.

TheDevKit1262d ago

You could just use an HDMI cable to play PC games on your TV.

Ragthorn1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

That is such a waste imho. Gaming PCs are built to play games!!! Lol, but I won't judge you since you do have a Star Citizen Profile Pic. I admire that! - Your profile pic!


Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty damn immersive!

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Eiffel1262d ago

Yeah, it's pretty evident from the aliasing and reflection intensity.

hiredhelp1262d ago

worth mentioning that to run the PC version at maximum detail with a stable framerate you need at the very least a Geforce GTX 780.

Yeh you may want to rethink that cos my 7970 sais hello to 60hz and yeh im apart the alpha build.

ALLWRONG1262d ago

LOL at the people disagreeing that the PC version looks better, when the evidence is right before everyone's eyes.

AfterThought1262d ago

I don't see many people here claiming that, I see many people here being jackasses such as yourself about the PS4 version though.

Anyone with a brain knows the PC version is going to look better and that PC's are more powerful than consoles, the most I see is people are impressed with how close they are to each other.

It is pretty sad seeing some of PC users try so hard to downplay the PS4 version when everyone with a brain, like I said, knows it isn't exactly like the PC version but there isn't a huge difference as some of you are trying to dearly to claim.

Then again you have one bubble for a reason no doubt, wasting my energy with trolls like you.

I mean it isn't like the developers themselves haven't said there isn't huge difference but I guess hearing that from the people who make the game isn't enough.

Who cares anyway, I don't understand why any person with a nice PC would even be here wasting their time talking about consoles, buy the PC version which you know will be better and move on with your life. I doubt most of you bragging half the time even have these PC's you talk of. As I said I can't imagine anyone actually having one who feels the need to brag, if you know what your playing on games the best, what sense is there in trying to constantly prove it to other when they also know there is nothing better or more powerful than PC's?

I mean if you want to brag to other PC's user about your setup have at it but when a PC gamer bothers comparing it to a console, it is totally stupid.

Linwelin1262d ago


Why you so but hurt about PC

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MasterCornholio1263d ago

Wow they are pretty close in my opinion but like always PC is the best version. Not bad for a 399$ console.


hiredhelp1262d ago

No they've really done great job

Ragthorn1262d ago

I heartfully agree, really nicely done on everything! PS4 is still chugging and it is looking great. But of course the PC version will look the best, and I am excited to see what the final build will look like.