The Swapper, MouseCraft, Titan Attacks by Curve ruled out for Xbox One

Curve Digital's current lineup of games won't be coming to Xbox One, it has been revealed.

Microsoft's parity clause, which requests developers release games on Xbox One at the same time as other systems, rules out The Swapper, MouseCraft and Titan Attacks, which are coming to PlayStation platforms first.

"Unfortunately, all these titles here get ruled out by the parity clause," Curve's managing director Jason Perkins confirmed to Digital Spy.

"We feel like it's unnecessary handcuffs really," design director Jonathan Biddle added, "but that's the way they've decided to run that."

It was explained that its current lineup of spring and summer games were signed before Microsoft indie programme [email protected] was in place.

However, this should mean that future games from Curve Digital should arrive on Xbox One.

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XiSasukeUchiha1536d ago

Hmm...Ok...but is exciting !

MightyNoX1536d ago

The Swapper looks very nice. I dig the moody atmosphere.

MilkMan1536d ago

Ooops, these games are actually pretty sweet.

Bigpappy1536d ago

Are these games released already. If not, I would need to at least see what I am I missing, before switching into 'Give a f### mode'.

MilkMan1536d ago

The Swapper and Titan Attacks I have on Steam. I MIGHT even have MouseCraft (not certain) but I liked what I saw on the vids. The other two I can vouch for myself they are good games. In fact the dev that made Titan Attacks has made a few games and I've bought them all on Steam. They are all great. They should bring them all on to consoles.

Xsilver1536d ago

That parity Clause is Real damn :/.

Cueil1536d ago

a discussion with Microsoft would probably let them bring it on the system... though I'm not sure why it hasn't be removed completely

Eonjay1536d ago

Microsoft needs to end the parity clause. No one will care unless your system is in the lead and its not so all you are doing is withholding games from your fans. It would be awesome if they announced the end of this program at E3. If they are about games, they can't be turning good ones away.

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The story is too old to be commented.