Why Nintendo Not Having an E3 Live Show Doesn’t Matter

Do you think Nintendo is making a mistake by not having a live show at this E3? Gamemoir's Nick D. doesn’t and he explains why.

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Neonridr1507d ago

To me it doesn't matter because I am watching these conferences online anyways. So rather than having the awkward pauses, parts that drag, technical difficulties, etc - we get a presentation that focuses in on what we want to see and hear.

Sure it's always fun seeing reactions to big game announcements, but I just want to see the games.

fonger081507d ago

"The current, revitalized E3, has gone away from this model, choosing spectacle over substance in general" This statement right here says it all to me. I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed or franky uncomfortable watching E3 live presentations. The jokes, are typically awful, the demos barely work, and the messages that the are conveyed just seem uninformative. But in all seriousness, if Sony and Microsoft moved to streaming event to showcase what they have, would we all just throw up our hands in disgust? No of course not, we'd all watch, look for those bombshells, and then plan our future purchases accordingly.