From Gamer to Cynic and Post-Modern Critic

PSLS: The seventh generation of consoles rolled around (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii), and something in me changed. Was it that my taste in games had shifted? No, it was deeper than that. Was it maybe that I was saturated with sequels from previous generation games and was bored? To some extent, but no. Was it my jaded attitude towards paying for being able to play versus or with my friends online? I don’t even think it was that. You know what, I have come to a realization, and here it is:

Peter Molyneux gave me trust issues.

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Wedge191478d ago

Great story. I think we've all gone through a period similar to this, of despising games, questioning the love that we have for the medium for one reason or another, and then making a bright return with a whole new outlook.

dbjj120881478d ago

Peter Molyneux will do that to you... he's always been ahead of the curve on the hyperbole marketing spin companies use to get those preorder numbers up. I hate that though, the truly memorable games continue to sell beyond Day 1.

knifefight1478d ago

"Peter Molyneux will do that to you"

^ This could be a book title.

ftwrthtx1478d ago

Great read. Thanks for sharing.