Batman Arkham Knight: Kevin Conroy Teases While New Details Are Revealed

"40% game is completed, the grapnel boost details, side missions and more."

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Chaos_Raiden1481d ago

Glad that Kevin Conroy is back as Batman.

GamingSinceThe80s1481d ago

The article says the game is made by Rockstar instead of

SageShinigami1481d ago

There's no WAY this game is 40% completed and it's out in five months. If that's true, then either the developers put in the most ridiculous crunch time ever or this game's garbage.

ifistbrowni1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

it all depends on how you break it down. If it's broken down into 5 categories, for example:

Animation/Gameplay: Finished
Voice Acting: Finished
Box Art: not finsihed yet
Trophy/Achievement List: Incomplete
Shipping: Not ready yet

Then, you can say the game is 40% complete.

Arkham Origins was a wreck-ish. It'd surprise me if Rocksteady decided to follow in the same footsteps.. Then again, it wouldnt.

Besides... If the author of the article can't even get the developer's name right, i doubt any of the other information is correct.

DarKnightDave1480d ago

Well I do remember reading somewhere on N4G that this game has been in the making since Arkham City. Rocksteady didn't do Origins because they were working on Arkham Knight.

jay21480d ago

Yeah didn't think it rock* would make it, too tame for them!

rivencleft1480d ago

Another game I cannot wait for! Kevin Conroy!