Vita RPG Sword Art Online Asian Ver. Has English Subtitles, Now Available for Pre-Order

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment's Asian version is now available for pre-order and comes out May 29th. The Asian version will have English and Chinese text, so fans from North America don't have wait until the North American release date. The game currently has no announcement for Europe, so this also means European fans who speak either English, Japanese, or Chinese can take advantage of PSVita's region freedom.

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knifefight1507d ago

Lotta hand holding in the screenshots. Is this a dating-sim RPG like Thousand Arms and Ar Tonelico?

izumo_lee1507d ago

I believe there is 'dating sim' elements in the game.

Although this is cool i'll wait for the actual western release.

Snookies121507d ago

Yeah, definitely want to support the western release. I want them to have incentive to bring more games like this over here.

knifefight1507d ago

Ah thanks. Cheesy as it sounds, I kinda like that sometimes. Thousand Arms was underrated on PSOne and I really liked the first two Ar Tonelico games especially.

NewMonday1507d ago

the game is coming west along with an HD version of the PSP prequel for free.

the game is we received and is considered one of the better Anime adaptions.

Inception1507d ago

If you not sure, i'll suggest to watch the anime first

Imho, it's pretty good for episode 1-13/14. Kinda like .Hack. But for the second part (episode 15-25) are a bit dragging in the story department.

JustPlay41507d ago

I'd say the novels there far better, you can find them online

Inception1506d ago

What's the difference between the novel and the anime? If there's a big difference than maybe i will check it out.

3-4-51507d ago

NA version releasing with 2 games in 1, both HD is just awesome.

Scatpants1507d ago

Looks awful. Clearly a cash grab from fans of the show.