To Hardcore Gamers - Hating on Tablets and Mobiles is Hating on Yourself

This opinion piece at Grab It tackles the notion that console games belittling tablet and mobile games are actually doing to others what mainstream press does to them.

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SlappingOysters1480d ago

Imagine if they made Titanfall a F2P mobile game...

CoyoteHunter1479d ago

F2P....loaded with a massive amount of IAPs!!!

Thantalas1479d ago

I don't hate mobile gaming or tablets, I'm certainly not a snob about mobile games - but they rarely offer the kind of game I want to play. I don't mean genres because the Apple and Android stores have all sorts. But the business model of mobile gaming is that games are given away for free or very cheap and then the gamer can pay for additional features or items to help them progress. Personally I hate pay to win. I rather pay for a game outright and know I own the whole game and that my progress is determined by the actions that I take.

Mobile gaming has helped the industry. It has helped make a gamer out of anyone who plays games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds or a smartphone or tablet. This brings more revenue into the industry, more talent, more indies, more ideas. But for me personally I enjoy that full blown triple A experience.

gillri1479d ago

Tablets too simple PC's too complex, console's get it just right and give me the best gaming experience I could want

NiteX1479d ago

Video cards and CPUs are scary!

ravinash1479d ago

I know all about graphics card and CPU, but I can't be bothered.
Console - game in - done.

MetaReapre1478d ago

Yea, computers aren't exactly the most user friendly thing out there. While easy to use for the most part, when there is trouble with a pc and a virus scan can't fix it, it's either going cost you money to get someone to fix it or go through complicated steps to troubleshoot it. I love gaming on a pc but for those who don't want the hassle that a pc can come then I don't suggest you get one.

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geddesmond1479d ago

I'm not sorry to say that one gaming machine offers me more than enough to keep my spare time entertained while holding down a full time job and keeping a girlfriend happy. For me its a PS4. I don't need a tablet game or mobile game to do that. Yeah Angry birds keeps me occupied on long bus journeys but tablets games are crap.

klecser1479d ago

This is gamers defending themselves, not hating on others. When iOS games came out, there was a lot of very high profile console bashing that went: "iOS games are the future and superior to console games in every way imaginable and anyone who plays a console game is an utter moron." So, excuse us for defending our game choices by pointing out the limitations of iOS games and the hypocrisy of bashing console games with an inferior product.

This article is saying: Accept the bully like a good little sheep.

No, I won't.

SlappingOysters1479d ago

That's interesting that was your read on it. I really got a different vibe from it. More of a, bullying just begets more bullying so why cast the first stone.

I don't remember reading too much pro-iOS stuff though. Thought it did strike me as a bit weird how people queued up for days to get a phone.

Ittoryu1479d ago

The whole industry was pushing that crap. Mobile and Ipad games are the future console gaming is dead. Mobile the real next gen. If you never read or saw stories like that then you havent read much gaming news in the last 6 years.

SlappingOysters1479d ago

I thought you meant journos in articles like this one. Not the industry as in the suits on stage at press conferences and analysts like Pachter.

user56695101479d ago

Mobile platforms are the future. Why settle for a console that stays in the house instead of one that can be played on the road too. I consider headhelds as mobile too, incase you was wondering. Look at shield you could connect it to your tv. Before that PSP. These mobile devices are getting more advance. It will be awhile before consoles and mobile devices merge but it s obvious its going to happen. If not what they going to focus on streaming

Einhert1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

When they get as complex and in depth as games I can play on my PC with the same number of control functionalities I will start paying attention.

But silly simplistic games are not my deal.

Am_Ryder1478d ago

There are a lot of really excellent mobile games which are just as complex as PC/ console games. Throwaway titles like Candy Crush get all the press due to the biggest sales- but they are NOT indicative of the best games on mobile. Look up Year Walk, Device 6, Wayward Souls, Hitman Go or Monument. No silliness, no P2W, just serious quality f***ing gaming. With a lot of depth and challenge.

Cookiebex1478d ago

I agree Am_Ryder. I have been really getting into the iOS Indie Gaming scene lately and can't believe the quality of some of these games. Mobile gaming, if anything, is a door opener for devs that want to contribute to the gaming world. Unfortunately they don't have the $$$ to back them up for console or PC releases. I say, if you want to support the actual game developers, then mobile is a great way to start.

DCfan1479d ago

Can you play Yakuza on an Iphone?

SlappingOysters1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

You can play GTA San Andreas :)

plmkoh1479d ago

Yeah but see the thing is, I played that nearly 10 years ago...

Ittoryu1479d ago

It's like these people that want "indies" ans mobile games to take over want to reset the industry back to the days of atari 2600 no thanks I lived those days and now is the best time to be a console gamer.

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