EVE Valkyrie Lead Game Designer: ‘I put that helmet on and said ‘I want to work on this’

VRFocus - The forthcoming EVE Valkyrie is one of the biggest names in virtual reality (VR) entertainment right now. From it’s humble beginnings as a CCP Games side project to a leading light in the company’s catalogue of software, EVE Valkyrie has become the title that turns heads, both figuratively and literally. This even goes for the team working on the videogame, as Lead Game Designer Christopher Smith tells VRFocus.

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Clover9041413d ago

“From that second on I knew I wanted to do this… in my entire career, this is the project I want to do.” Continues Smith. “Talk about your dream project: this is it.”

It's quotes like this that makes me so excited for what the future holds for VR.

BABY-JEDI1413d ago

This is a gaming experience that I'm looking forward to. Hopefully the game will expand into something akin to Elite where you combat/trade/explore/upgrade ect. There is real potential here

Yaay4me1413d ago

And i will be the first person to buy it