Drakengard 3′s Sound Director discusses the relationship between music and gameplay

Drakengard 3‘s Sound Director, Keiichi Okabe, shares his thoughts on the working relationship between music and gameplay in the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive prequel chapter to Access Games’ line of action RPGs in the latest developer diary courtesy of the game’s publisher, Square-Enix.

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NovusTerminus1389d ago

I am liking the music so far. Cannot wait for this game... it's so close now!

gamer78041389d ago

Ps4 version puhlease!!!

miyamoto1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Most PS3 games being ported to PS4 is definitely understandable because a lot of gamers jumped into PlayStation.

This will complete me.

Inception1389d ago

Already heard the music and it's beautifull. I expect no less from Keiichi Okabe. Really loved his music in Nier.

PS3Freak1389d ago

Nier is such an under-appreciated game.

Inception1389d ago

Very under-appreciated. Some reviewer even gave it a 40/100 just because the graphic doesn't had bells and whistles T_T

LiViNgLeGaCY1389d ago

It's funny you guys mention Nier. I'm actually playing it for the first time ever right now, and I am in love with this game. The music is probably my favorite part of the game, but I also find the story to be quite touching. Very underrated and under-appreciated!

The Great Melon1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I'm glad I saw them mention NieR in the video. Though I have yet to play NieR (my back catalog extends generations now, speaking of which I need to add Drakengard I & II to the list...), I have listened to music from the game and was impressed by its quality to the extent that I actually imported the soundtrack. I'm now always on the lookout now for Keiichi Okabe's music.

PS3Freak1389d ago

I feel like this game is too late in the generation and too far removed from the previous drakengard entry to be successful.

That depends on what sort of sales target they are expecting of course.

NovusTerminus1389d ago

Drakengard and successful sales never go together.

I have loved every game of it, but it never makes an impact of any kind in the industry.

ShaunCameron1389d ago

According to EB Games' Canadian website, at least it won't be $69.99 like a lot of the games that came out this year. I might give it a chance.