Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

JunkExplorer: I’m here to inform you why you should not buy the next Call of Duty game! Have a Look.

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cfc781262d ago

Have a look? lol nope.

cfc781262d ago

I don't need to look i've already decided to get it day 1 probably the same 10 reasons as every other year anyway.

Magicite1262d ago

It will sell over 20 million copies anyway, ghosts already sold over 20m and its still selling well.

Foraoise1262d ago

Why the hate, just to hate?

Activemessiah1262d ago

The hate is not aimed at the game but its community.

Swiggins1262d ago

As if the CoD community is REALLY that much worse than any other FPS's....

No seriously, I've gotten just as bad of wanna be gangsters, squeaking 13 year olds and tryhards in games like Halo and Killzone.

Hell, even Team Fortress 2 had more than a few douche canoes who just could NOT admit that what they were doing was playing a know...for fun.

Activemessiah1262d ago

@Swiggins Yes it's true you get your average idiots in other games but none so prominently on CoD... it seems to attract the worst of us.

Swiggins1262d ago

I disagree, the CoD community might seem like it's got more idiots than the average but that's only because of how big it is.

Believe me, I used to be a poster on the Battlelog forums....I've never lost so much faith in humanity so fast. >.>

Activemessiah1261d ago

@Swiggins (last bubble) Battlelog... is that Battlefield 4? never heard of it... what makes it bad compared to the rest?

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GarrusVakarian1262d ago

I'll buy it if it appeals to me, thanks.

MrSwankSinatra1262d ago

Oh, trust me i won't. I don't even need 10 reasons

yarbie10001262d ago

I don't care what the game title is or who makes it. But to launch a campaign against buying a game that no one has played yet screams retarded

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The story is too old to be commented.