Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2 (New Gamer Nation)

Spider-Man 2: The Game is often regarded as one of the best movie tie-in games ever made – and for good reason – it’s great swinging mechanics, entertaining missions, and fun combat made it not just a great movie tie-in game, but a great game on its own standing. Beenox, the developer behind The Amazing Spider-Man game, return for a second shot at crafting a great Spider-Man game experience with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s a superior entry to their last, but far from the game Spider-Man fans desperately deserve.

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CaptainFaisal1450d ago

Imagine a spider man game using "Dream" Engine! that would be amazing! when you see the trailer for the engine at the beginning they show you a first person view of a person jumping from a skyscraper ! the graphics was amazing it really looks like NYC! Look at the trailer and you will 100% get what i mean!

Allsystemgamer1450d ago

Dream engine is a CG engine not a game engine. Unfortunately.

CaptainFaisal1450d ago

CG engine i didnt know that :( But why did they say its a new game engine for next gen consoles?

MilkMan1450d ago

Whats happened to Beenox? Damn.

Inception1449d ago

Activision is the problem. Just wait until they turn Beenox as CoD studios, like they did with Neversoft :(

rivencleft1450d ago

Man and I was really hoping this game was going to be decent on PS4, really should not have expected much I guess, still may be worth a rent on GameFly.

Psychonaut1449d ago

Once the price tag drops I am planning on buying it. Just so I can free roam web-sling. Not sure if that's weird, but I cannot be alone in that. Spider-Man 2 on PS2 I would seriously boot it up, and just free roam web sling to relax after school or work. Weird? I dunno.

ZeekQuattro1449d ago

Nah I hear ya. I used to just play the game for that too. Well that and pile-driving people off of sky scrapers. haha

Psychonaut1449d ago

-Cheers- I am not alone. Seriously, it's relaxing just web slinging in free roam. I'd be stoked it they could make it so you could do it from a first-person perspective. and it would have a cool blur effect as you wiz by people.

Also, it be cool if more bystanders made comments or remarks to you, I want the city to fee more alive. Also, they should have a reload so you had to reload the web shooters, or even switch the cartridges for different web types.