The Most Difficult, Yet Addictive Games

GameKeysNow takes a look at some of the hardest, yet rewarding gaming experiences

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greenyboi1532d ago

Inferno 4 has had me on the verge of mental breakdowns . Trails is one of the most difficult yet addictive game ive played especially going for platinum medals

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Jdoki1532d ago

Super Hexagon... When I hit 60seconds on that the first time, it was a great moment!!

3-4-51532d ago

Most games that are difficult just to be difficult aren't actually fun, they just become chores/job that I'm doing that I'm not getting paid for.

frostypants1531d ago

If it's not challenging, it's not a real's just a multimedia presentation.

3-4-51531d ago

no? Game doesn't equate to challenge, they are separate things.

There are plenty of fun enjoyable things within games that aren't that challenging.

I like a bit of challenge too but I'm talking about stupidly hard...

bradfh1531d ago

they forgot about ninja gaiden

BlueCroup1531d ago

I didn't, I just don't find it rewarding :)

SpinalRemains1381531d ago

There is little more rewarding than mastering all the combos and the feeling you get when you unleash those combos upon enemy waves and bosses.

Ninja Gaiden is pure button mastery at its finest.